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Sunday, October 23, 2005

"I was about to say before something far more interesting interrupted..."

"Not another football blog!" Actually, I've never seen one before. But I spend so much time boring my friends with my far-fetched, long-winded commentaries that, the thought occurred to me, I could use another outlet. No doubt they'll be grateful.

In these irregularly updated pages, you can expect to see plenty of idle scuttlebutt on the following subjects, all of great importance to the human race: Newcastle United, the UEFA Champions League, the World Cup, and specifically the American and English entries therein.

Finally, you may wonder how one can really be an American Geordie. The short answer is, you can't - only Geordies are truly Geordies. But to the only American wearing the "one and only" Magpie strip in the only East London pub run by a die-hard Man City supporter, this was the name that stuck. Of course, these guys think they're American Geordies, too.

So with a mighty, "Howay the lads!" we're underway. And points will be awarded for identifying the author of this initial post's title.


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