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Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Football's not just about scoring goals - it's about winning."

Well, was it magic? Souness out, and the Magpies return to winning ways with the assistant manager's record-setting goal. Nothing changed on the team sheet, though it seemed like there was some flexibility with Dyer and Bowyer on the bench.

This could be a problem, in fact, in the short term. Since Roeder was the youth team coach, he probably has a soft spot for Amoeba and Chop. What he really should be doing, of course, is keeping those guys on the bench and playing Dyer next to Shearer.

If Dyer's healthy enough to sit on the bench, he should be healthy enough to play a half up front - which, goshdangit, is his preferred position, anyway. Sure, put one of the scrubs on for the second half, or when Dyer gets injured again. But Oinker's the best option in Owen's absence.


Fulham were unlucky not to take a point from Manure. They fought back to 3-2 in the first half. Then in the second half, they had the better of the possession, with loads of half-chances for McBride and John - playing together for a change - until Rooney came on.

It didn't end well for the Cottagers, with an offside goal allowed, but there was one bright spot. Evra plowed into a Fulham player and then started writhing on the floor - the classic continental tactic to avoid the blame. Martin Atkinson, the referee, waited patiently for Evra to stop moaning, showed him the yellow card, and motioned him off the pitch. Moments later, Evra ran back on - in perfect health, of course.


Finally, a footnote. Birmingham snapped up Brentford's cup hero, DJ Campbell, in the dying hours of the transfer window for half a million pounds. He looked a bit small against The Goon Show, but he had a couple of nice runs. It seems a shame, though, that he won't be in the side against Charlton in the fifth round of the FA Cup. Charlton's a beatable team - especially now. But alas, TDH supposes that kids like Campbell need to take their chances to play in the big show, whenever those chances may come.


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