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Friday, June 30, 2006

WC2006: Anticipation

The very air is tense in Buenos Aires tonight, TDH can tell you, loyal readers. A German friend who's living here said that if Argentina won, he would don the white and sky blue and head to the Obelisk with thousands of locals. But he also pointed out that said Obelisk was built by Siemens.

TDH figures the Argentines will have to score four to avoid any funny stuff. But let's say it's 2-2 at the end of regular time. The Germans think they're fitter, but guys like Tim Borowski have a habit of coming on and fouling rather stupidly. In the meantime, the Argentines have some rather splendid attacking options coming off the bench. Could be a penalty in extra time on Messi - yes, a penalty called against Germany in extra time - and Tevez stepping up to nail it.

TDH saw an Argentine report of a BBC XI but can't find it on the BBC website. Anyway, there were no Brazilians and no English in the team. Kalinichenko seemed a controversial choice in midfield, as did Sheva partnering Klose up front. No Drogba? Surely some mistake. Ayala, Lamm, Cannavaro and Carvalho at the back seemed pretty reasonable. And er... TDH will wait until the tournament's actually over to select this website's XI.


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

can't resist. to be updated after the tournament, but here goes, off the top of the old head, and a balanced side of players in excellent form, not the eleven best players (take note, Sven) formation is 4 - 3 - 1- 2:

Buffon (16 saves made, more than any other keeper, and only beaten by Zaccardo's comedy of errors).

Lahm (superb going forward)

Cannavaro (unbelievably good v. Czech's, USA and Aus, especially)

Marquez (marvellous in every game I've seen)

Sergio Ramos (unsung hero for Spain - fantastic going forward, solid at the back)

Essien (sheer class)

Riquelme (ditto)

Mascherano (a monster for Argentina, and yes, i did see his defending in the last fifteen mins v. Mexico - Godlike)

Kaka (the best of the Brazil side, quite possibly outshining Riquelme as the tournaments outstanding individual)

Drogba (Captain - I've never been so pleasantly surprised by performances in my life)

Crespo (scoring goals, linking play beautifully, not a sign of the sulking that can marr his game).

Notable omissions: Maxi Rodriquez (just edged out by Kaka); Ayala (Marquez has a less effective screen in front of him); Ronaldo (easily the best finisher in the tournament, better even than Sheva); Torres (didn't do enough v. France); Villa (ditto); Makalele (Mascherano has the edge); Rosicky (just one good game); Robben (ditto)

7:28 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

I would add a mention of the ever-superb Miguel, who's been one of my favorites since Euro 2004. He does his work without fanfare, but he covers a ton of ground. Plus, he tackling fantastically and has a decent shot. But maybe I'm tipping my hand....

2:30 PM  

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