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Friday, October 28, 2005

"He’s not George Best, but then again, no one is."

Three of football's prodigal sons are in the news today, and at least one for the right reasons, for a change.

The leaner, calmer-demeanor Gazza has taken over as manager of Kettering Town. Don't worry, he can't do much harm there. "Kettering haven't been in the Football League for 133 years, and one of our main objectives is to get them there," the Mad One said (take that, Jose). So what are the other objectives, again? "We are looking forward to doing our best to take Kettering forward." Well spoken, o swami.

Meanwhile, our friend Diego Armando has been sticking up for Wine Hrooney, claiming that the young tyke's out-of-control temper is in fact a plus for his game. "You can't be a saint and still be successful in football," the former coke fiend said. Now there's an interesting comment from a man who's worshipped as a god - not just his hand, the whole guy - by followers of his own religion.

And finally, Georgie "Bottle Knows" Best is back in the hospital with bleeding unexplained bowel infection. I will resist.

All the day really needed was a Stan Collymore story to make it complete, but alas, no.


Pride goeth before a...well, you know. Is it any coincidence that, just hours after Steve Clarke said Chelsea would shoot for four trophies this season, the Blues were ejected from the lowly Carling Cup?


To those who have suggested that Shola start up front with Owen, after the former's first good performance in many months, witness the clutch score from Uncle Alan at Grimsby. The Mariners had the nerve to wear the black-and-white strip in the face of its true owners, and were duly punished by the guv'nor.

(With Greenspan stepping down and Shearer on his way out, what will I do without the two Uncle Alans in my life?)


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

it's a sad, sad, day when vindication is claimed through the feat of scoring against Grimsby...

I've noticed that Blackburn have been rechristened 'Fight Club' in the GLT rankings. Surely a case of the pot calling the kettle black-and-white?

10:39 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Well, we've been specializing in sad, sad days for quite some time now. We'll take what we can get.

You're not the only one trying to save Fight Club's blushes, but it's not easy. The Times tried: "Blackburn have worked hard to clean up their act this season, even if three red cards in ten Premiership matches suggests otherwise." Make that three reds and 18 yellows!

Of course, I must grudgingly admit, we have two reds and 18 yellows, and only when you don't count Jenas. But whose red do you think was worse, Scott Parker's or Paul Dickov's? Whom would you rather meet in a dark alley, eh? EH?

6:45 AM  

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