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Saturday, November 26, 2005

"I don't know if that result's enough to life Birmingham off the bottom of the table, although it'll certainly take them above Sunderland."

Question #1: Is it over, already over, for Mick's Mackem Muppets? Five points from 14 matches does not bode well. In the Premiership era of 38-match seasons dating back to 1995-96, teams have needed an average of 37.5 points to finish above the relegation zone. (That's not necessarily the average point total for the fourth-from-bottom team, rather, it's the average point total of the third-from-bottom team plus one.)

So the Wearside Wankers will probably need about 32 more points from the remaining 24 matches. Teams that play at that pace for the whole season finish with 51 points. Too bad, Mick, that doesn't sound like your lot. Of course, you'll be saving all your energy for the return leg of the derby on April 17. But by then, the Toon will have the best songs to sing.


Question #2: Is everyone else out there Luquing forward to Luque's reappearance tomorrow as much as TDH? It'll be interesting to see where strategic genius Souey puts this particularly expensive chess piece. (Here he is sitting down as fellow grand master Alan Shearer, off camera, prepares to play three games at once.) Hopefully Everton will provide a nice way to ease back into football for the Spaniard. Then again, maybe Moyes will just tell Big Dunc to knacker him.


Question #3: If Fergie doesn't want Ballack, on whom will he spend all the cash the Glazers have offered him? Surely it must go into the midfield. Yet having lost the Vodafone sponsorship deal - and 18 million pounds with it - the Glazers may have second thoughts about that big transfer kitty. Perhaps Sir is just managing expectations?


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