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Monday, November 28, 2005

"It's a conflict of parallels."

Ah, the philosophical Fergie. Following along TDH's earlier thread, Sir has now said that he won't be cashing in his chips during the winter transfer window. He claims that his main target won't be available until the summer.

Now, one could merely take Sir's semaphore as spelling out B-A-L-L-A-C-K. Or one could conclude that the Glazers have put paid, temporarily, to their early talk of a 20 million pound transfer pot. Sir's a crafty bugger, and he wouldn't want to seem like he'd been deceived by Ginger Gnome & Sons.


Who would believe Pippo Inzaghi is 32? True enough, his brief glory days at Lazio were years ago, but still - he'll always seem like the young twit (if you like him, read: poacher) you love to hate. And now there's talk, probably spread by his agent, that he might return to Italy's national squad.

TDH's question is, why? With Gilardino and Toni playing on top form, plus the usual suspects of Vieri, Del Piero, Montella and company, is there really much use for an Inzaghi brother? Some would say he'd make a good supersub. In a World Cup, surely every sub is a top-class player, not an also-ran.

Okay, Maradona of Malawi, wrap that Milan scarf around your head and let's have it....


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

Ok. *deep breath*...

Pippo Inzaghi doesn't have a good first touch. He has very poor balance. He's not a strong player, either in challenging for the ball or shooting. He has only ever scored from outside the box once, and that from a superb Del Piero pass that left him an empty goal (and yes Inzaghi senior was a Juve player. It's his younger brother who plays for Lazio). He also dives and is perpetually caught offside.

Yet consider this: No player has ever had a better strike rate for Milan (this is per game. Per minute his stats are even better). Not Shevchenko. Not Van Basten. Not Gunnar Nordhal, or George Weah or Leonardo. I can't explain why, but he scores against any opposition. It was the same story for Juve. Playing with Alex, no one ever thought he was the better player, but he outscored him in almost every season. his strike rate for the Azzuri is also good, and he's the one of only two (I think)players to score a hat trick for Italy since Paolo Rossi in 1982. Say what you will about him, but he's effective.

Having said that, Italy's top strike partnership is Gila (Milan) and Toni (Fiorentina). The problem is how to ensure a steady stream of chances. Totti is unreliable.

btw - thanks for sending me those articles. the ministry forgot to pay the internet bill, so the network is down for the foreseeable future, and I've been reading them at the lodge!

3:56 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

You mean there are two Inzaghis? I always thought it was just one exquisitely venal player who was hanging around the goal mouth! Imagine my surprise! I mean, put them together and you almost have one player.... (fiendish laughter ensues)

4:06 PM  

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