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Sunday, December 18, 2005

"Football. Bloody hell."

Same old Owen, always scoring? It doesn't have the same ring as the traditional chant, but we'll take the hatful all the same. Apart from the "Nobby giveth, and Nobby taketh away" fiasco, the Toon finally closed the book on a gutsy - if not completely convincing - performance on the road.

TDH then entered the peculiar state of hoping that the Brum Bums would somehow overturn Psycho's Psity, so that the Magpies would move one more place up the table. (Actually, it's not that hard to root against Vassell....) It felt very Fergie-like, let us say.

In the meantime, Manure have somehow moved within touching distance of the Billionaire Boys Club, which should put those "Sack Sir" agitations to rest for the time being. Who knows, they may even get a new shirt deal over the break.

In any case, Souey lives to die another day, and European places are beckoning once again. What a difference a couple of weeks make, eh? And that's why Sir's all-time greatest quote is today's headliner.

TDH has been writing from mainland China, where Blogger is available but, strangely, Blogspot and Google Images aren't - hence posts but no graphic links or comments. More later, once TDH is on home turf again.


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

interesting set of games. I watctched Bolton tonk Everton, then switched over to watch City outplay Brumingham. Brucie must be on his last legs.

meanwhile Ashton Kutcher put up no defence against Man U (despite packing their team with defenders), and Arsenal conclusively proved that they should never have let paddy go. the milanese hate them for this also.

Cesc is a good player, but he needs someone stronger and better than Flamini next to him. Hleb hasn't looked impressive (though granted rust might have something to do with this), so why Pires was on the bench is beyond me.

8:09 AM  

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