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Monday, February 27, 2006

"Do I want to sign him? Never, never, never. Nothing. Never, never, never. I'm happy with the players we have here."

(Apologies for the delay, but TDH had a busted hard drive. Bugger.)

Is this the end of the Galacticos? Florrie has decided to call it quits, just when TDH was starting to enjoy using his cute nickname. Well, it takes a brave president to admit that the coach is not the problem. It's the players, of course. Er, the players he bought, of course.

Was the Galactico strategy really the problem? Zidane, Ronaldo and Figo certainly helped the team (in that order). Beckham was originally expected to do little more than sell shirts. But he has been an immense contributor with his constant (if sometimes slow) ball-chasing and the precision-guided missiles like the one Sergio Ramos headed in yesterday. Of course, you could still argue that Florrie overpaid. But hey, Real has taken over the top spot in the revenue rankings - so can things really be that bad?

Maybe someone just caught Florrie snogging Guti, or something. In any case, football has lost a character.


In the meantime, football may have gained another celebrity with Robbie Williams's investment in Port Vale. TDH isn't expecting the Valiants to become the next Wigan, but hey, Robbie seems to have his business head screwed on reasonably well, so maybe he'll be yelling, "Let's be having you!" on the pitch at halftime before long.


And finally, the news that Ashley Cole has reinjured himself must be making people like... Paul Konchesky... lick their lips.


Blogger The American Geordie said...

A bit more catch-up:

Just saw Nobby's second strike on the Premier League's house highlight show. The way he lost his marker was almost as good as the shot.

Remember how we discussed whether a scoring team would ever delay the restoration of the ball to the center spot? I've finally seen an example. The Strongest - the Bolivian club with what has to be one of the coolest names in the world - celebrates its goals thus: a player takes the ball to the sideline, kneels behind it and then pushes down on it repeatedly as if he were administering CPR, while the other players watch in hopes of a miraculous recovery.

This must be what FIFA was thinking about....

4:46 AM  

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