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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

"When it comes to using a meat knife, I can do everything. My players will have to watch out or I will kill them."

Could it be... TINKERTOON?

What would a Ranieri-led side look like on Tyneside? Well, one thing is for sure. There wouldn't be quite as much tinkering as there was at Chelsea, for the simple reason that we don't have enough players!

Thus restrained, Claudio might actually make a decent manager. He's a clever, affable guy. But can he lay down the law in Souey's wake? The players might think they're going to have an easy ride (except for that meat knife). Uncle Alan would have something to say about that, of course, but would the two men get along?

Claudio's laid-back enough to give Al his space, and probably smart enough to do some new things with the club. He's a decent man. Perhaps he could turn the Magpies into "gladiators," too.

Could we do worse? Certainly. But the Toon Army will always long for an inspirational general - something Ranieri's not. He doesn't have the presence. If Hitzfeld is available, he would probably be a better choice. But if it's between Ranieri and George Graham, Graham Taylor, or anyone else named Graham, then bring on the Tinkerman!


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

I LOVE Claudio. I was gutted that he wasn't more successful at Valencia last year, but it was his own damn fault for dropping the little genius Pablito Aimar for the Fat chump Stefano Fiore.

that said, his Chelsea side were fabulous to watch at times (I still shiver when I remember that stunning season he got out of the Eidur/Jimmy floyd partnership - Jimmy was never better), and he got a lot of genius out of Zola before the Sardinian God went home, but his sides were notoriously lacking in backbone and cojones. Is that really what the toon need? More fancy foot with no balls?

11:59 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Aimar is surprisingly unpopular down here. They all think Messi and Tevez are the second coming. I think Argentina will have to play Tevez in a Joe Cole role in order to get all their best players on the pitch....

12:16 AM  

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