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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"There's Bergkamp standing on the halfway line, with his hands on his hips, flailing his arms about."

The continuing travails of The Goon Show merit some more mention, especially after the frank comments delivered by the Delayed One Hour Dutchman. They're worth reading, and you can find them here.

His point that Arsenal shouldn't have ended up in a rebuilding year certainly rings true. They needed to replace Vieira, and they didn't. Who honestly could have thought that Fabregas and Flamini could handle the job between them? Even if they could have on the pitch, there was no way that they could fill Paddy's boots off it.

Of course, the Grounded by Snow Dutchman himself should have been one of the people picking up the slack as far as leadership was concerned. But no matter, a rebuilding year it is, like it or not.

TDH watched The Goon Show's new players in action at the weekend. Sure, there's plenty of talk about Diaby and Djourou, but it was Emanuel Adebayor who really caught the eye. The Togolese striker was full of action and intent, leading one of the Argentine commentators to call him "el nuevo Kanu," an apparently popular nickname. Unlike the lanky Nigerian, however, Adebayor actually looked like he might score in an Arsenal shirt... and did.

Still a couple of weeks away from his 22nd birthday, Adebayor could be Arsene's find of the season. These days, he always seems to have one: Toure, Senderos, now Adebayor. And one a year would be enough for a team with established players in every position - but that's not Arsenal, not anymore.


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

off topic, but I thought you'd be interested to see that the Times today is suggesting that Freddy Adu is going to sign for Chelsea at the end of the season... Be interesting if he follows the SWP or the Joe Cole route there...

11:19 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

I think Adu's going to be a useful player if he bulks up a bit. He needs to be stronger in the challenge. But it's just too hard to tell whether a guy like him will make a big impression in the Premier League.

At this point, Adu's still an unknown quantity - he could turn into anything from Frannie Jeffers to Lua Lua to Maradona. And he's been dropped from the US camp, so he ain't going to Germany unless he pays for his own ticket. (Yet I wonder whether Ghana is trying to nab him for their squad under the FIFA rule....)

By comparison, Theo Walcott's been facing slightly better opposition and a more similar style of play. Maybe that's why his initial signing was worth three times what the papers say Adu's will be.

7:34 PM  
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