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Thursday, March 30, 2006

"But to be fair, Arsenal are a quality side."

TDH has been busy doing business in the big city - that's THE Big City - where football is a zillion miles away from the minds of the masses rushing through the skyscraper-shadowed streets. But football rolls on....

Is this finally Arsenal's year? A strong start against Juve certainly bodes well for a trip to the semifinals. Inter or Villareal there wouldn't seem to be such an enormous challenge.

A Gooner TDH encountered in TBC felt as though the kids were finally coming along, even Hleb, who, he said, "could have been sent back to Belarus a few months ago." But as TDH has said before, let's face it, the important thing is that this team is playing some of the world's most entertaining football at the moment.


Did TDH hear someone asking about Sergio Aguero? TDH has been an Independiente fan since the days when Menotti made the home stand cough while Forlan, Cambiasso and Mondragon bossed the opposition. Aguero is a slippery little thing, perhaps more versatile than Tevez, not necessarily with the same powerful potential as Messi. He's also 17.

Apparently Villareal have already dangled 20 million euros for Kun's services. Independiente fans, TDH can tell you, are ready to sell. That kind of money can buy enough players to replace even an effervescent young talent. But doubtlessly, Argentina's Red Devils will be waiting for the bigger boys to call.

In the meantime, Kun has been biding his time for a World Cup spot. And as TDH will explain later this week, he's got good reason for anticipation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was the Arsenal result further proof that Serie A is a shadow of it's 90's self, now coming in a distant third in terms of quality behind the Spanish and English leagues? I'd go along with that. A team 8 points clear at the top of their league being outplayed by fifth placed Arsenal indicates that the much maligned Premier league is in better health than many have thought.

I have never been a fan of Serie A. I find the culture of gamesmanship, tedious attacking play and suffocating defensive football excruciating to watch, and part of me takes great delight in it's decline. The fan culture is backward, offensive and embarrassing for European football. It certainly doesn't look good for their national team at the world cup. I for one will be shedding no tears if they are humiliated as they were in 2002. There is a very ugly air shrouding Italian football and I'm pleased that the cynical way in which they approach the game goes unrewarded.

4:13 PM  
Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

watch milan and try and say the same.

Juve are essentially a less good version of Chelsea. A team that always beats the poor ones, but can't cope with quality sides. Milan beat them 3-1 at home and then took a 0-0 with ten men in turin.

But did you see Milan yesterday? they always tried to attack, even if in the second half lyon outplayed us. We were superb in the first, mind, and a sharper sheva would have scored three.

And its a very special decline when Serie A produces 3 of the 8 quarterfinalists. Don't Man U and chelsea wish the premiership were in that kind of decline?

7:12 PM  

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