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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Italians can never win from you, but you can lose to them."

TDH took in the final Champions League match of the Round of 16, watching what is now the world's greatest showcase of Argentine players, if not the world's showcase of the greatest Argentine players. Zanetti, Veron, Cambiasso and Samuel - all except Cruz - got the start. And the television director treated us to a gratuitous shot of almost-Argentine Recoba pulling on his shorts.

TDH couldn't help but wonder if Pekerman should consider bringing Veron back into the team to link up with Cambiasso. With Demichelis practically missing in action against Croatia, the ex-Independiente man couldn't handle the midfield by himself. Why not use two guys who always play together? Well, because he's Veron, for a start, but maybe there's a chance....

Stankovic's goal was a carbon-copy (or perhaps the original, as it was a bit sharper) of Gallas's strike at the weekend: start at the top corner of the box, cut back in across the defender, smack the ball across the keeper and into the side netting. Given that a frustrated center back and a guy who was also derided for his "defensive headers" in the Ajax box can pull off this trick, TDH is sure we'll be seeing bags of wondergoals in next week's matches.

Okay, TDH is sure that Mara is annoyed at Inter's success, but let's face it, the better team probably won this one. By the way, has anyone ever seen Materazzi and John Turturro in the same room?


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