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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"We're football people, not poets, but obviously I'm disappointed with the result."

Bye-bye, Mick old man. Even you, sooopergenius that you are, couldn't save the poor old Mackems. Well, what are the chances that Kevin Ball will come up with 13 more points than Birmingham in the remaining 10 matches? Even if the Brum failed to take a single point, the Mackems would at the very least have to win two and draw the rest. Impossible, says TDH. They'll be down well before we come calling for match number 35.


Yes, Arjen Robben is an amazing talent. Yes, TDH was chuffed to see his name in the guestbook at a rural hotel in the Home Counties not too long ago. But no, TDH won't be cheering for his red card appeal. TDH's attitude has nothing to do with the grounds for debate. But let's face it, the Flying Dutchman Mark II has had it coming. He's one of the biggest divers and simulators in the Premiership, and TDH hopes he'll get the message.


Finally, how about this for a bolt from the blue: an editorial masquerading as a news story from Soccernet's editor, John Brewin. Seems he's had enough of ex-ref Jeff Winter's mouthing off... so he's decided to get into the act himself. Not an unentertaining read.


TONIGHT/TOMORROW: What else? Champions League!


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

I cannae wait!

If Chelsea manage to score in the first twenty minutes, I think they could win the game. Otherwise, its Barca all the way.

of course, we're all only marking time until tomorrow, when the real big game comes - Milan v. Bayern.

4:45 PM  

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