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Friday, March 10, 2006

"Not many teams will come to Arsenal and get anything, home or away."

Yeah, but that was the old Arsenal. TDH was a little sad to see the Gooners draw Juve, as there's no doubt Paddy & Co. will assert themselves and disrupt the Goon Show the way so many English sides have this year. Still, Arsene's men are clearly on a roll.

All that could end if Liverpool avenge their own Champions League exit on Sunday. Of course, TDH won't be paying much attention to that clash, what with the inevitable Geordie glory at Old Trafford occurring just previously, ahem....

TDH must also complain about the ridiculously easy path Villareal have had in this tournament. Honestly, their football has not been so entertaining lately, Riquelme or no. If they can squeeze out a couple of goals against Inter/Ajax, then they'll be in the semifinals. Ho hum.


Sometimes the world is good enough to give TDH a reminder of the correct order of things. Two major international figures signed book deals this week. Alan Greenspan netted an advance of $8.5 million. Wine Hrooney came up with 5 million pounds, or $8.6 million at today's exchange rate. Go on my son! Here's what the boy wonder had to say about it:
"The last few years have been brilliant for me, and I'm very excited about bringing out my first book this year and all the other books that will follow."
Well, if he has the same talent writing his books as his press statements, there should be no problems....


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