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Sunday, April 02, 2006

"Tottenham ice their sublime cake with the ridiculous."

Can it be? Roeder's rascals have finally beaten a decent team. Sure, it helps when the other side have their most promising young defender sent off. But a win's a win, and there's some dignity in this one. There's even some humor, given JJ's incredible ability to miss an open goal. Not many people can round St. Seamus, and it seems he has some divine protection even when someone does.


Meanwhile, holy moly, is this a title race again? Seven points between the top two, and six matches to go. That means, for example that Chelsea going 2-2-2 and Manure going 5-0-1 would put the title down to goal difference, where Chelsea have a lead of seven at the moment.

Manure often looked deadly against Bolton, with a slashing strike from Saha and then a set piece for Horseface that, hatred of the Red Mist aside, was a work of art. Still, can the Billionaire Boys Club really be expected to come away with fewer than three wins?

Maybe they can, given their failure to score at Birmingham. And there's just the faintest possibility that it will all turn on a Sunday afternoon in May at St. James's Park, where certain men in black and white will be looking for some FA Cup revenge and a final flare of glory for their skipper....


There couldn't have been more hype around this season's superclasico at the Camp Nou. In the end, the game was soured by a questionable penalty and an early but somewhat deserved sending off for mouthy Rob Charlie. Ronaldo's equalizer was a gorgeous chip. The guy can still perform in a big game, and Carlos Alberto will doubtlessly take note. As one of the folks here said glumly when asked about our local superclasico (you know, the one on Sunday with the three red cards?): "It ended like all clasicos end, in a tie."


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