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Friday, May 12, 2006

"Only if Juve had won would the title have been invalid."

Many years ago, when TDH was just getting into the beautiful game, a telecast of a Juve match showed a balding man in a sinister leather coat watching impassively from the stands. Now, as it happened, one of TDH's football mentors was a die-hard Juve man, given to spontaneous Vialli impersonations on the pitch. So TDH asked, who was this eminence grise (and embittered author of today's quote) at the Stadio delle Alpi?

TDH's mentor needed no more description to provide the answer: Moggi. Yes, even as a Juve supporter he was happy to tell TDH about the froggy-looking one's supposed links to organized crime and footballing terror.

Well, now it seems like the tadpoles have finally come home to roost. In a way, TDH is relieved - what else was there to write about before El Mundial besides the FA Cup, the national team selections and a few pointless friendlies? Thanks, Luciano, for grabbing the headlines with a story that'll run and run....


Carlos Tevez - is he worth 22 million pounds? Well, probably moreso than SWP. Looks like Roman isn't finished shredding his checkbook. We already know Ballack's on The One-Trophy One's hitlist, but who's the fabled third signing to be?

Meanwhile, Psycho has let go 10 players at City, including Musampa and Sommeil. Okocha and N'Gotty are leaving the Reebok, perhaps joined by Campo as well. Could Big Sam be so inspired by 19-year-old Vaz Te that he's actually considering - gasp - converting the Bolton Pensioners Home into a Jobcentre Plus?


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

I think Juve should be docked points. say, ooh, three?

Totally impartial analysis, of course.

Basically, I;d be surprised if any major italian club came out of this unscathed. I mean, Milan are hardly unconnected: at one point the club owner was the PM of Italy (and owner of most of the media) and the general manager was the had of the Italian FA. No conflicts of interest there, are there? take note david dein,

7:50 AM  

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