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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"He says that he will walk away from the game when his legs go."

La Brujita Veron has rejoined Estudiantes (Estudiantes!) at the ripe old age of 31. What a come-down! Argentines are bursting with pride that he's come back, fulfilling an old promise, but really! He performed well enough for Inter this year, and Cambiasso will be lost in midfield without a partner like him. Who knows, maybe a chance to bring Libertadores glory to La Plata was enough for old baldy....


Today TDH caught an interview by the BBC's Rob Bonnet of King Sepp I. The football supremo was in good form despite struggling a bit with English - he had particular trouble with the word "guilty". But we'll forgive him, because he reiterated his strong stance against racism.

El Sepp also offered some of his usual nonsense, of course. But he added a persuasive argument against FIFA paying clubs for players' services or insurance during international matches. TDH has said in the past that such a system would be unnecessary, since players' club contracts are implicitly discounted for the possibility of injury on international duty. Il Sepp pointed out that to ask, say, the Ivory Coast FA to pay for Drogba's insurance at the same rate Chelski does would be completely impractical. The world's smaller FA's would be bankrupted after matchday one. Furthermore, he added, playing internationals probably raises players' value to clubs - at least in terms of shirt sales.


It's hard for TDH to see Aguero in an Atleti jersey, for more than one reason. Independiente has, inevitably, lost its star. But the Toon may also have lost its chance at El Nino Torres, who might just fancy a partnership with El Kun. Blast. Time's running out for a pre-Cup move by Roeder. Chances are that he didn't have time to watch a zillion tapes from around the world in preparation for the recruiting part of his new job. Too bad he may have to wait for any deal until the prices go up after the Cup.


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

come on, TDH, stop obfuscating - who will win the World Cup? Only three days now, and Brazil are surely over-rated, with a suspect defence and both Emerson and Ze Roberto fading badly in big matches this season. Only the front four are really terrifying.

They'll still probably win, mind, but if Nedved can roll back the years a bit, the Czech's have a chance.

Then there's Roongland. I think they'll do well. Possibly even win it.

12:31 PM  
Anonymous Palms said...

Ah yes. The World Cup. This is by far the slowest week of all time. Beating out the week before Christmas Day when I was a 6 years old.

I haven't worked out Brazil's route to the final, although I do know England will play them in the Semi's if the results go the way they should. On top of Mara's criticisms of their side I'd like to have a go at their full backs as well. Carlos and Cafu are there for the taking. This is the best England squad, in terms of starting XI and the bench, in my lifetime. But that gaping hole between defence and midfield still gives me sleepless nights.

Assuming england win the group the biggest obstacle will be in the quarters when we play either Holland or Argentina. Don't know who to fear more.

As for the Toon, Roeder was always going to be stuffed by the top players not wanting to negotiate any contracts til after the World Cup. Hopefully newcastle will still have the funds to put them amongst the big boys, and Huth embarrasses himself enough so that those horrible, malicious rumours concerning him coming to St. James's are put to bed.

4:03 AM  

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