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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WC2006: Day 5

Definitely the worst day of football so far. TDH was pulling for the plucky Togolese, especially after Dick Avocado made the unpardonable decision of starting Park way out on the left wing. Of course, when he moved the Manure man to the center after the break, things quickly changed. The ref seemed to fall for quite a bit of the usual diving, unfortunately, and that gave the Koreans a few more chances to intensify their aerial barrage.

France and Switzerland both had plenty of chances to score, but neither team could find the final touch. The French must be getting that sinking feeling a gain - a team full of stars, and no fight in it. Ribery wasn't at his best, showing a bit too much of the young Young Joe, but he did make a couple of nice moves. Zidane and Vieira looked, well, old. TDH wondered why Saha and Dhorasoo didn't come on earlier. Both teams still have a strong chance at qualifying, so let's hope they stop playing such snoozy football.

Brazil, Brazil. The 4-2-2-2 didn't seem to be working so well at first; Ronaldinho was marginalized, and Ronaldo got a total of about two touches. Robinho's entry spiced things up a bit, but the samba boys still looked preoccupied. It was intermittently exciting, but Croatia could easily have grabbed a draw had Prso been just a bit more on his game.

TDH would bench Ronaldo for Robinho or (better) Fred, but the bigger problem is obviously that Brazil has no real wingers. Think how much better they'd look with Ronaldinho at the tip of a diamond in midfield - the question then becomes, who'd be on the sides? Kaka and Juninho Pernambucano could probably do the trick, with Emerson or Gilberto holding. Worth a shot, right?


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