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Saturday, July 01, 2006

WC2006: TDH in mourning (again)

TDH has just a few things to say about the fairly tragic result in Berlin. First, TDH was right all along about Pekerman. He needs to have his head examined. To take off Riquelme and then fail to replace him with someone else who could organize the midfield was absolute craziness. Aimar would have been perfect - as TDH has pointed out, he's been quick and efficient throughout the campaign.

And then to lose the game with Messi still on the bench, well, that was really sad. Maybe Pekerman wanted more height with Cruz, but that's not the way you kill off a match. Aimar, Tevez, Maxi and Messi could have dribbled away those 15 minutes for a 1-0 win.

TDH had the strange feeling that at 1-1 Argentina were actually behind. The wind had gone out of the sails, and there was no one to clean up the mess (to mix a couple of metaphors). Did Lamm give up a penalty on Maxi? In most games, probably yes. But it was clear in the end that La Seleccion were insufficiently drilled on the penalties. Germany couldn't have been tidier. Well, maybe next time... with Tevez, Messi, Ustari, Aguero, Mascherano & Co.


Italy took a stroll in the park and came back with a berth in the semifinals - no problems at all, totally routine. In fact, TDH would venture to say that the Italians are a more formidable opponent than they first appear. Like the Brazilians, they can play well when they feel like it. They don't do it for the joy; they do it because hey, this crap is easy, and why the hell not. Beware, Germany. If you're still thinking about your win today when the semifinal comes, you'll be in deep cazzo.


TDH started the World Cup with three flags on the wall. Two have since been taken down, lovingly folded and put away, with respect, for another time. (After all, when you lose, you have to take down your tent and go home.) One remains, at least until tomorrow. Come on, lads, forget your inhibitions and just play the bloody game.


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

TDH, a few weeks ago, I suggested you may wish to post an apology to Mr. Pekerman. It turns out it's I who needs to post an apology to you.

With 30 minutes left, my Norwegian friend (possibly the most knowledgable man in the world when it comes to this painful game) and I were baying for the introduction of MEssi. Can you imagine with the kid could have done with a game so stretched? and taking off JRR with a 1-0 lead was suicide. Lucho and Cucho just couldn't boss the midfield. It was Italian substitution at its finest.

Speaking of which, Gilo Zambrotta has probably done enough to rival Lahm in my team of the tournament, too. Some of his play was astounding. As my friend in Milan was saying, the worst possible final would be England v. Italy, and it's looking more likely. Germany played well, but against an Italian defence, they may flounder. And by Italian defence, I mean Cannavaro, one of three players of the tournament so far. Did you notice that unreal sequence of play when he made a clearance by the goal line, charged down a shot and then passed the ball beautifully into midfield in the space of about 10 seconds?

8:26 AM  

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