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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Such an ugly word, "stymied", and yet so appropriate. TDH's last prediction came eerily true with Duff and Rossi up front... and we're left to rue the result.

Okay, Parker and Duff are clearly two of the hardest workers ever to wear the shirt. Zog played his heart out, too. Yet with no finishing touch, what could you really expect? Duff chose to take it all on his own shoulders, which resulted in half-a-dozen shots taken well away from the perpendicular. A couple more crosses to Rossi might have paid dividends. But forget Martins and Ameobi - even with Dyer in the side, at least one of those chances would have hit the back of the net.

TDH has a solution for all this. Yes, TDH is getting on in years and has lost a step or two. But TDH is still pretty good in the air, and (here's the best part) TDH will wear the bar code FOR FREE. So, we might be in for a couple of tough months, but if nothing better comes along in January, TDH will be expecting the call.

In the midst of the frustration, it must also be noted that, had Charlton been a slightly better team, i.e. if Marcus Bent hadn't been rubbish, the Toon probably wouldn't have come away with even the one point. Defenders, defenders, defenders. TDH has been saying it for years. Years! What will it take to get a commanding Gareth Barry type into the side?

Angst aside, TDH is still willing to pony up to pay off part of that six million pound deficit. (We'll need it, with thousands of seats going unsold on a Saturday evening.) The question, of course, was whose number to put on the back of that beautiful European jersey. Alas, with Shearer gone it was bound to be someone younger... but there really wasn't any question, was there? Scottie P it is.


Anonymous Palms said...

Parker is of course the obvious choice. I would also suggest Zog. Along with Parker and Given, he is the best player in our squad, and worrying about how long we're going to be able to keep hold of him keeps me awake at night. Plus N'Zogbia is a much cooler name.

The game? For 60 odd minutes we were outstanding and should have had the game won by 5 ot 6 goals. charlton were as bad a side I've seen at St. james's for a long, long time. I agree Duff was a complete ball hog, and Rossi was rightly fuming at Duff's reluctance to give him the ball when inside the area. The partnership shows potential though. With Martins out for the next couple of weeks, it should blossom.

Also, does anyone else find it mystifying that West ham are above us, despite having lost the last 8 games without scoring. Another London conspiracy surely.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Palms said...

oh and your solution to united's striking problems made me laugh. it reminded me of a Bradford city supporting friend of mine who, during pre-season, actually went down to their training ground with his boots in the hope of getting a game (in jest, obviously). Bradford at the time had 14 or 15 elegible players on their books at the time, after injuries and retirements (this is pre-season remember). Yes, really. Now that's bare bones.

5:41 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Yes, the fact that Zog on the Tyne is only 20 is great for us but bad for the back of my shirt.

To be honest, the only thing that's keeping me going right now is the chance that Klinsmann will be the next US coach.

I will now drive away the Evil Eye by making a joke about the man I hope can lead us to glory: He's obviously the right man for the job, since we still haven't learned how to dive....

2:48 PM  

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