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Monday, September 18, 2006

Rumbling along with all the grace of a three-wheeled Morris Minor

After the total deflation of last week's Premiership loss, TDH struggled to find the enthusiasm to keep posting. Was it just to be another season of iniquity, new signings notwithstanding?

Well, perhaps not. Oba has finally broken his duck, and Duff is showing that yes, he is class, and not just another waste of Geordie cash. TDH considers the Toon lucky to have played West Ham before Carlitos and Masche had really hit their groove. Roeder will have gained a bit of confidence after sticking it to his old club. With the Euro away victory, things are starting to tick along.

But seriously. Only 1-0 in Talinn? Things are still not as they should be. Yes, we'll have to see what Rossi has in his locker, if he ever gets a look-in. And the defense looks to be a bit better with Craig Moore - the longest-lasting Magpie in the World Cup! - doing the organizing. Still, TDH is yet to be convinced.

Moreover, POMPEY TOP? What is the world coming to, one wonders. At least those cool blue shirts will be up for sale if we make it to the UEFA Cup group stage....


Anonymous jonathan said...

Like you I was struggling to summon any enthusiasm for the new season TDH- only last week I was affecting an attitude of world-weary indifference, foreseeing only another nine months of crushing mediocrity, enlivened only by a couple of cup runs, which would be cruelly curtailed just as soon as we came up against Chelsea, or (in Europe) some half-decent Portuguese outfit.

Predictably enough, though, it took only the radio commentary on Obafemi's fine finish to blow away this thin veneer of disinteredness, and send me leaping around the kitchen like a whirling Geordie dervish. By the time I saw it with my own eyes on Match of the Day I was convinced Martins was the most exciting new number nine since Malcolm McDonald, and that his goals were going to lead us on a stately march into the Champions League- and beyond. I'm setting myself up for a long, hard fall again here, aren't I?

Oh, and what's this about the blue European shirts? Oh damn, I'm starting to care about the choice of shirts now- NUFC have me in their thrall again. Clearly there is no escape- it's like the Mafia, once you're in, you're in...

12:17 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Yes, it truly is La Cosa Nostra - Our Thing.

Here you can see the lads modeling the blue Europe shirts as Babayaro and Amoeba re-enact the pivotal moment of the 2006 World Cup final.

6:35 PM  
Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

Jonathan - Oba has the potential to be a superstar in the Premiership. The guy has huge pace and power, and desire. He'll do well.

Speaking of huge, pace and power: I think the uk press should start sending the apologies c/o Chelsea FC - Drogba was simply amazing this weekend. Made sheva look redundant.

And finally - Why on earth did Jol sell Pedro Mendes? The man is class.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous jonathan said...

Pace, power and desire- how long since we saw a Newcastle centre-forward with all three at once? I'm looking forward to the post-Shearer era all of a sudden.

And those Euro shirts do look very cool- even if we can't quite make out the front of Shola's one for Celestine's plunging forehead (and that's a very shoddy looking headbutt by the way- the boy wants to work on his technique. Although not quite as urgently as he needs to learn how to make a tackle with just the one foot, and without ending up on his backside).

8:05 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Yeah, unfortunately it's been about three years since we saw power, desire, and... pace.

By the way, Mara, did you see the normally-humbug Norman Hubbard's paean to Pippo?

All of a sudden nobody seems to care about Sheva....

8:26 PM  
Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

hahahaha fabulous article - thanks, TDH. this is brilliant: "He started the season against Lazio with a classic Inzaghi combo; he scored a superbly clinical strike, then had another ruled out for offside and got himself booked for protesting."

That's why we love him.

My love for Pippo is long standing, but TDH, what you say about sheva is truer than you might think - about half an hour after Ricardo Oliveira scored on his debut, the editor of the OFFICIAL milan website published an article asserting boldly (and baldly): 'Sheva is yesterday's news'.

Of course, he printed that before Ricky O gave a masterclass in how to be a donkey against Parma this weekend.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Palms said...

Those hours I spent camped outside Sven Goran Eriksson's house with a lifesized cardboard cut out of Scotty Parker in one hand and a candle in the other look more and more justified with each passing game. It's fantastic how effortlessly he has taken on the role of skipper. It looks like we've finally replaced Rob Lee after all these years.

Oh and aren't those West Ham fans just so darn lovable. I'm pleased the showed off just how classy they are on sunday. I won't get into my opinion of London football fans because there may be children reading this.

I'm off to sleep under my Scott Parker duvet and to lay my head on my Scott parker pillow.

1:09 AM  
Anonymous palms said...

Oh, just to clarify, i meant we've replaced Rob Lee in the sense that we haven't had his type of all-action midfielder since his retirement.

1:40 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Palms, absolutely right about Scottie's inspirational leadership, and the goals (headers Big Al would be proud of, no less!) are a bonus. As for the crazy Whammers, they make a certain Monsieur Cantona's antics completely understandable, don't they?

6:56 AM  
Anonymous jonathan said...

I always said that Cantona was dead right to give that drooling Selhurst Park racist a karate-kick. I know the Palace fan got his punishment... but the lengthy ban handed out to the player (for what was an entirely understandable response to extreme one-on-one provocation) helped create this warped situation where social norms somehow don't apply to relations between fans and players, so Jens Lehmann can be reported to the Police for kicking a plastic bottle in the general direction of a stand full of hypersensitive United fans, but a group of West Ham supporters can call Glenn Roeder 'tumour boy' and wish him dead to his face... and it is Glenn Roeder who has to apologise. These Hammers thugs have been caught on camera spouting their vile abuse, I assume. Will action be taken against any of them?

11:02 PM  

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