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Monday, August 21, 2006

A glimmer of hope?

BBC News tells us that Obafemi Martins is crowing about an imminent move to Tyneside. What with Roeder's pep talk for Amoeba before Saturday's match ("I'm not looking for someone to replace you; I'm looking for someone to play with you"), we may be heading for a Nigerian Connection! There's still a question about Martins - is he 22, as he says, or really as old as 28? For the moment, TDH won't worry too much about that. We need someone for the next 2-3 years, and then we can start flashing the cash again.


Newcastle's match at the weekend wasn't broadcast in Buenos Aires, but by the numbers it looks at though we were outplayed by Wigan and lucky to take all three points. Roeder's 4-5-1 (with Duff in the five) didn't create that many chances, but who knew Scottie P. would be banging in the headers, Big Al style? Hopefully it'll be enough until Martins or striker-to-be-named-later arrives. One has to wonder whether Jan Vennegoor of Herzegovina was in the picture, now that he's on his way to Celtic.


TDH did take in Arsenal at Ashburton Grove (just doesn't sound right). With a crowd of 60,023 in attendance and more of the same on the way, The Goon Show could someday turn into a big club!

Martin O'Neill will be very pleased to have stolen a point, but one has to wonder whether Lehmann's mind is still floating somewhere over Berlin. In other action, Real Madrid's latest line-up of galacticazos looked a bit disorganized in the Ramon de Carranza tournament - Capello hasn't sorted everything out yet, even if he did get Cassano to lose some weight. And Barca, well, still looks like Barca.


TDH didn't put Boulahrouz in the World Cup XI for nothing! And clearly The Special One was among the loyal readers. By the way, did Rio and Jose go to the same barber? What happened to everyone's hair? Is Ivan Campo next?


Finally, there's late news that the Magpies may be bought by investors from Jersey. No, not New Jersey, Jersey. Well, TDH doesn't much mind who owns the club as long as there's good management in place. If Warren Buffett had hired Graeme Souness, TDH would also have cursed him to hell.


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