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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

TDH is going on vacation!

Well, loyal readers, it's been an intense month of football. TDH is ready for a little break.

That said, if anyone wants to join the TDH team and do a bit of posting, please let TDH management know. There's a reason why TDH is in the third person - this way, there's flexibility for multiple authors.

Either way, TDH will be back with occasional updates from the transfer market, the finale of the Copa Libertadores and, of course, the onrush of the 2006-07 season. Yes, club football! Until then, loyal readers, thanks for hanging around.


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

aw, man.

I'm going to miss my thrice-daily visits to TDH...
I'd offer to do some posting, but frankly, I barely have the time to Ramble these days.

Been a great month, much insight, a few disagreements, and then, finally, triumph for Milan in the World Cup final, and a pretty damn good world cup eleven below, even if milan are under-represented...

enjoy the holiday.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Keropok said...

Hiya there TDH,

I did a search on Enzo Francescoli and ended up here. Any idea how???

Great linking up with fellow football bloggers.

See ya soon,

9:16 AM  
Anonymous jonathan said...

Enjoy your well-deserved break TDH. Would take you up on the guest-posting offer, but the lack of action to write about would mean you'd all have to put up with weekly reports on my five-a-side football games (we don't have close seasons like these fancy-fan professionals, you know-our summer break conisted of missing one week because England were playing Sweden..).

Anyway- looking forward to 2006-7 already, and to following NUFC's stately march to the Premiership title (with Shola Ameobi leading the way with a 40-goal haul) on these pages.

Or maybe I'm losing my grip on reality here and could do with a short holiday as well...

10:33 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Yeah, Keropok, as you can read in this old post, I ran into Francescoli at a baptism down here in Buenos Aires.

Hmm, jonathan, so which Italian striker do we most want to see on Tyneside? Hopefully not just Sholauro Ameobiani, 40 goals or not.... And it's about time that Luque picked up a number more fitting of his non-striker-ness, isn't it?

1:30 AM  
Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

Damien Duff? DAMIEN EFFING DUFF??????????

How in God's name did Roeder pull that one off?

7:56 AM  

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