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Friday, July 07, 2006

WC2006: Lull before the storm

TDH can't claim to be too excited about the third-place match, but as Turkey showed in 2002, there can be some fun surprises. Anyway, let's hope Germany win - giving Klinsmann the medal he deserves - and send that arrogant S.O.B. Kiki Ron back to training at Old Trafford, where Hwayne Runny can kick him to death.


Does watching football make you a better player? TDH hadn't played for about a month until last night, yet it was like a little bit of Zizou had seeped into the pores. TDH recalls a similar fillip back in 1998, when TDH had to sit out quite a bit of on-the-pitch football during the Cup due to a toe injury. The layoff only seemed to improve the quality of play. Any explanations?


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