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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Listen, Boro has a good team...

Ooooh, it certainly looked like one of those patented 0-1 away wins that The Special One perfected last season, but for the absence of a 67th minute Terry header. So where did it all go wrong?

Chelsea does doesn't manage the ball as well as they should. Maybe it's a severe case of spinal Merengitis - too many stars who can't play together. The local commentators said Wayne Bridge was the Blues' best player, which made TDH worry a bit as his price might be rising. But it was true.

Sure, Sheva was pure class, making some incredible runs. (And it's still so odd to see him in England!) And no doubt, Essien is a tank. Yet there was none of the easy-going ball movement that helps teams like Barca and Arsenal to kill matches off.

If TDH had to point the finger, it would be squarely at Ricardo Carvalho. Half of his success is cheating - pulling back strikers by their shirts, only to let go as soon as the referee's gaze turns his way, grabbing keepers with both arms, elbowing shots aside... and the other half seems to be disappearing. Chelsea ought to play Gallas in the center, where he's always wanted to be, and make him forget about all this leaving silliness.


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