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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Deja deja vu

Can it be, once again we will stride from the bottom of the table into a European place? It's not such a crazy thought. If our ramshackle, injury-wracked squad can continue to turn out good results - even if we still can't kill off a match early - then we're in with a chance. Perhaps we can collect another gorgeous bimetallic Intertoto Cup!

Ah, what was AG saying about Oba in a comment on the last post? He certainly seems to be feeling at home in the Premier League. That second strike yesterday was pure, vicious aggression, just what TDH likes to see. He appeared to have the ball at his feet in slow motion, which made the ruthlessly lashed finish look like even more of a thunderbolt. TDH will be toasting him all weekend.

The club is selling tickets online for Spurs on Saturday, and TDH will be up high in the Milburn Stand. If anyone fancies a pint at halftime or after the match, get in touch.


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

"He's got enormous strength in his legs - when Inter Milan tested their players Oba was the one who could jump the highest," enthused Roeder.

How much more evidence do you need for your Newcastle need a scientific training regime theory - how the heck have they not run similar tests yet?!

BTW - anyone see Godba's goal against Everton? That's two weeks in a row someone's scored a contender for goal of the season against them. The guy is a phenomenon.

3:25 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Yeah, fantastic (if speculative) strike by Droogie. Poor old Tim Howard didn't have much chance. I think Sir has to be worried. And how about Curbs keeping all the Argies out of the team? Not too surprising. I think Eggert's got a better egg on his shoulders than The Guy Whose Name Is A Korean Automobile. We'll see Tevez and Masche leave soon enough. I predict Tevez to Spain and Masche to Italy.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous jonathan said...

If I wasn't 200 miles away in Manchester I'd certainly be joining you for a post-match pint, TDH. Looking forward to getting your take on the Spurs game from the panoramic, not to say vertigo-inducing, perspective of level seven of the Milburn. Let's hope it will be an occasion to remmember- with the Gallowgate crowd in good voice on the back midweek cup success (oh I do hope I'm not tempting fate now...)

5:05 PM  

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