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Thursday, April 12, 2007

At last, a little football

Okay, TDH admits it, watching football has not been easy lately. First, there haven't been many opportunities back Stateside. But then, TDH hasn't exactly sought them out. The twin disappointments of Newcastle and Independiente, added to the lack of playing time, left TDH without much taste for the game for a while there. Yep, it was sort of like a bout of the flu, except without the runny nose. (That came later.)

After yesterday's Manure match, TDH was prepared to make an offer to all and sundry professional clubs and national squads. The last two matches TDH had witnessed had ended 5-1 and 7-1 for the home side. Was this not the work of TDH as talisman? TDH truly intended to put out a notice on the wires that, for the right price, TDH would watch the right team in Wednesday's action.

Well, TDH forgot about that, and the goals didn't exactly rain down at the Allianz Arena. But there was some pretty decent football on display there. The old grafters from Milan showed that they still had some class left in them, even though it probably wouldn't be enough to beat an English team. They'll get the chance to find out how it feels to run into Sir's woodchipper in a couple of weeks. By then it'll be clean and ready to power through some more aged Italian walnut. Mmmm, now that's quality wood.

TDH was pleased to see, by the way, that Gattuso had finally lost some weight - by cutting his hair. Now he doesn't look like a sleazy kiddie-fiddler; instead, he looks like a sleazy kiddie-fiddler who's just gotten out of jail. Full marks from TDH. And Pippo the Clown, well, he did what he does best, which includes the bit about being offside. Let's see how he does against someone who's not a fat Dutchman or a midget. (TDH means you, Philipp "Magic Dwarf" Lahm!)


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

TDH, welcome back.

Class isn't the problem for Milan. We could probably field a team of seven year olds and Maldini and still have enough to fill a school. Where we have trouble is vigour. If we're going to stop United passing their way to another seven goals, we'll need to get right in their faces, knock them about a bit and then demoralise them with a few well timed goals.

It's not looking likely. But still, 3 games left, and as Vince McMahon used to say - 'anything can happen...'

11:03 PM  

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