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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The football gods were smiling

TDH barely has any fingernails left... from the last few seasons, so there wasn't much to chew away as we hung on for dear life at St. James's Park on Saturday. My, it was a treat enough that the match was actually being shown in Argentina - usually only the matches of the top three make it onto the small screen - but then the result! You could see how chuffed Roeder was, and TDH felt much the same way. But where Roeder said it was grit and Babayaro that brought us through, TDH is willing to give the football gods their due.

Harper had a screamer, of course, and Taylor made up for his difficulty adjusting to the rightback role by earning the penalty. Oba has remarkable strength for a guy his height, and remarkable composure for a guy his age. We're lucky to have him. All of Obadiah Milner looked pretty good, in fact. Onyewu was imposing but not quite as quick as TDH hoped. Perhaps he's still getting adjusted. And if you want to know why Liverpool haven't contended for the title in recent years, just look at how many chances they squandered.

Hopefully this momentum will carry us through a nice midweek fixture in Belgium, and perhaps, eventually, into another European spot. For TDH, the main question is, when will this bust-boom cycle stop? Not that TDH minds the ride, of course....


Anonymous the Maradona of Malawi said...

Glad to see Ronaldo made a promising debut for the Rossoneri, and that we've managed to scrape up to sixth - we need to keep winning, and try get to fourth or third. No chance of any silverware this year. I just hope we manage to beat Craptic. I absolutely hate them.

Watched the england - spain game, which was piss poor. England seemed to be really good for ten minutes at the start of each half, and then faded very badly. No-one has the fitness to keep that pace up for ninety minutes. The only other good moment was Gerrard's amazing pass to set Crouchigol free. (btw - I youtubed Argentina's goal v. France - amazing).

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Palms said...

Our last 3 wins have been something else haven't they? The football gods are certainly on our side (maybe something to do with the sacrifice we made in the form of half our first team squad). Still enough games to nick that 4th spot?

10:27 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Palms, you've set the computers at TDH headquarters whirring. Here's how it looks.

Arsenal are currently in 4th with 49 points from 26 matches. We've got 36 from 27 matches. If Arsenal continue at their current rate, they'll finish with 71 points. The best we can do from our remaining 11 games is 69.

In short, we'll have to have an incredible run, and all the other teams in the race will have to crumble. I'd say another UEFA Cup bid is looking far more plausible....

1:11 AM  

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