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Sunday, December 24, 2006

TDH Live at SJP!

Fantastic win yesterday at SJP! TDH was on the scene and will be posting photos asap. Festive atmosphere all throughout, thanks to the brilliant opening goals. (This should put paid to those bits of "Dyer was only any good at striker in that cup tie against Southampton" nonsense.) Martins was a constant threat, and the link-ups with Emre, Parker and Milner were of a generally high standard.

Roeder really made a masterstroke inserting Nobbie at right-back, for one simple reason: the man knows what to do when the ball's at his feet - total confidence. And who would have thought Ramage would be able to bottle up Berbatov like a quart of cheap Bulgarian wine? Well, almost.

It was a cold one, of course, and though TDH battled on through the first half with just one thin layer under aforementioned No. 17 European shirt, eventually just about everyone gave in and put on the parkas. Naturally, the pies had already run out by halftime. If it hadn't been for the stodge from the Clayton St. Chippy, consumed en route to the stadium, TDH might have given up the ghost. Anyway, a grand old time was had by all, even with the usual defensive blunders and an unusual but ultimately costless flub by St. Seamus.

Later, TDH took in the first MoTD for quite a while, and was pleased to see the armchairs gaffers completely unchanged in their striped shirts and with their chirpy/glum/vaguely indignant patter. Ahhh, England....

UPDATE: Too bad about Ramage's freak own goal at the Reebok, but here are some photos related to our more glorious moments on Saturday.

From the sheep in the fields of the Northeast to the street outside SJP:

The crowds pour in, and the pitch is all Adidas-y:

Visual proof of attendance and some players (or are those ants?):

Nowhere better for some warming chips than this place:


Anonymous jonathan said...

Ooh, lovely arty snaps, TDH. I am particularly intrigued to know how you got that fieldful of County Durham sheep sharply in focus through an express train window at 115mph, but later, from what I assume to be a standing start, only managed to capture a blurred outline of the flock of Geordie matchgoers under the stand. Were they late for kick-off and walking towards the turnstiles at 115mph...or was that bag of Clayton Street chips followed by a couple or five pints of pre-match Guinness in Rosies Bar, impairing your photographic acuity? Your loyal readership should be told...

Oh, and meanwhile if you head over to Ben's B&W& Read all over you will see my match report on yesterday's game (I'm guesting over there during the Christmas hols). It was written while a bit drunk and only with the benefit of very brief MotD highlights.. already one commenter has picked up on glaring factual inaccuracies. So, you know, it's just like most of my post-match comments on here....

11:32 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Ha, you flatter my crappy little mobile phone camera with talk of "sheep sharply in focus" - they're simply too small to see that they are really just tiny blobs of gray and white pixels. That said, the Toon Army were marching double-time, and at closer proximity, when I snapped the shots of my fellow supporters.

Well, I have little to say about the last couple of matches. In fact, I will only say one thing about today's matchday: it only takes a few Americans if you want to beat Chelsea. Beasley scores, McBride's header is cleared off the line and then Bocanegra knocks in McBride's rebound. Why couldn't we do it in the World Cup? Ask Bruce Arena. Maybe the guy whose signature we should be chasing at US Soccer is none other than the Hard Man of Putney, Mr. Chris Coleman.

1:27 AM  

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