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Saturday, October 29, 2005

"Has bad luck been an element of his misfortune?"

Mourinho the Mind Games Master strikes again! Following that ignominious Carling Cup exit to Charlton, the Not-So-Special one had this to say: "I have no complaints. Charlton fought a lot and they fought for that luck, which they got. They were just lucky." Perhaps the Blues should fight harder for more luck! Yes!

But seriously, there's no doubt that Jose wants Curbs' boys to feel like they didn't earn the victory (though many observers said they did). The question is, will anyone remember Jose's jibe before the next time the sides meet, in JANUARY? Danny Murphy will have lost the rest of his hair by then, I reckon, and Curbs will need trifocals....

(Hmm, that'll make two bald Danny's desperate to get into the England frame!)


The Magpies had the good fortune to be handed an away match to Wigan in the next round of that same Carling Cup - time to get revenge for that patently unfair result a couple of weeks back. And that will be the last comment on the league's inferior trophy for a while, I promise.


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

Well, my goodness.

I just watched Man U get absolutely TONKED by Boro, four one. Mendieta was outstanding, but my goodness, was Rio awful. United scored with the last kick of the game. I can't ever remember them being so comprehensively outplayed.

Schnozz must surely be on his last legs as the manager after this, especially given Chelsea's win?

7:26 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Schnozz? I've only ever heard John Sillett, ex-Coventry boss, referred to by that name - here's why. If you mean Fergie, the fans on Red Issue are now referring to him as "assistant manager." Perhaps Queiroz is the real Schnozz, but that doesn't matter. You can't blame the war in Iraq on Dick Cheney; the buck stops with the guy whose name is on the program.

5:31 AM  

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