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Friday, December 02, 2005

"I have to look at myself in the mirror when I'm shaving, brushing my hair - or what's left of my hair."

So Souey says he'll never resign. Fair enough. Time for him to get the P-45 then (that's pink slip, for the American readers).

Here's another suggestion, while we're on the Toon. How about giving Chopra a few more minutes, maybe starting him in front of Ameobi? The results could hardly be worse. TDH can't recall seeing him play a full 90 minutes, though there's no doubt of his fitness.

As TDH has commented before, though, the Toon surely need a reliable third-string striker or supersub - someone of the Horsfield variety. Carl Cort was supposed to fill this role (and probably replace Ameobi) at one point, but there hasn't been a worthy successor.

Give Chopra the chance to prove his worth. If he can't, then the January window beckons. And, for a change, how about picking up someone who's never been injured? No Bellamys, Owens, etc. need apply....


Anonymous jonathan said...

Quite right. Young Chopra has been messed about with for long enough now- on loan for a couple of months here, in the first team for twenty minutes there... it's time to be straight with the lad and either give him a good run in the team or ship him out for good where he can properly make his name elsewhere. Right now the Barnsley fans probably have a better idea of his potential than we do, and that can't be right. And no, he can't do worse than what we are currently seeing from Ameobi, much as it pains me to criticise a fellow Fenham boy (I have to assert our joint West End roots whenever I mention Shola or I risk having my NE4 cards taken off me).

And nice one for posting the .com link there American Geordie. You have done the right thing!

12:31 AM  
Anonymous jonathan said...

By the way if I may take the liberty here; if you care to visit my site I have posted a report on my first experience of the FC United phenomenon (that's the Anti-Glazer Man United Fans' team)... I am thinking that at least one of your regular commenters may be particularly interested in developments here...

It's the second post down right now but you could always read the indiepop stuff at the top first (sorry still no Trembling Blue Stars yet but you never know...)

12:38 AM  

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