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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"That was in the past - we’re in the future now."

2006 - it's one of those even-numbered years that's not divisible by four. And that can mean only one thing: World Cup. But let's not jump to June just yet. After a two-week break, TDH is back in action! There's much to catch up on....

League: With even Wenger admitting the fight's gone out of his team, surely Pires' exit isn't the only one on the cards. They'll probably pick up points from Boro, but things are bad enough that a trip to Everton looks daunting. Fight Club's form has lifted them to dizzying heights. Of course, it's really just a sign of how weakly all the other mid-table squads performed over the holidays. Will Chelski make it 100 points this season? TDH wouldn't bet against it. Right now Betfair has them on 96.

Transfers: Au revoir, Laurent! Too bad we couldn't recoup more of that transfer fee with the fines on your behavior. Cassano's signing shows just how little the white jersey means in Madrid these days; he's the kind of player they never would have dreamed of signing a decade ago. Portsmouth are looking to cash in on their new oligarchic ownership, and given how things are going on Teesside, Yakubu might even answer the phone.

Toon: Another star-crossed season continues with Owen's injury. See, Sven, we wanted him to be rested for the World Cup! Luque may finally start producing now that he's gotten a few minutes, but the Toon must pick up a solid striker this month. Perhaps Saha is available? Manure would have to take a loss on him, but they could probably afford to sell him given Baby Face's return.

Obscure: How many of you loyal readers knew that Arsenal have a keeper named Michael Jordan in their first team? Come on, Mike, two sports were enough. But then again, who'd bet against one of the most acrobatic 6'6" 42-year-olds ever to span his hand across a ball?


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

very pleased that you're back - was starting to suffer from serious football-chat withdrawal.

With Robben and Cole in the kind of form they're in I'd also be willing to put money on Chelski getting a 100 point season. Crespo has looked incredibly dangerous every time he plays. The team just look so much more fluid when he is on the pitch. Granted, he seems to have decided to score one and then welly the rest of the chances into the stands, but still, they were spectacular when he was on the pitch against Wham and Brumingham.

On the transfers, I think Maniche will have to be spectacular to stand a chance of displacing Eidiego Marajohnson. Olisadebe looks a canny buy, much like the Yak was those years ago, and Manure look like they're signing evra to go with vidic - but what will happen to him when Ketchup returns?

6:54 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

The (total chances / on target) ratio has always been Rice's downfall. But obviously you can't argue with the results. One has to wonder whether the fact that Tinkerman bought him has been cutting his minutes unduly until now. Despite his form, he still hasn't played more than 79 minutes of a Premiership game. Of course, one could also argue that with Jose's bench, you'd never stick with a striker who was off his game for a whole match.

And I must note, as vindication of earlier comments, that the Keane-Mido combo is continuing to pay dividends....

8:59 AM  
Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

that it is - it looks a good tandem, though I still have unshakeable reservations about dropping someone with Defoe's explosive talent.

I hear your crespo comment, but I have to say it was probably his committment that cut his minutes. Don't forget that Cole, Duff and Robben were signed by Tinky-Winky, with SWP as Jose's only wing purchase, but he's the one who can't buy a game. Similarly, Ferreira is now a benchwarmer, with Geremi looking like he'll get more minutes. The Special One seems to be harsh, but fair.

10:44 AM  

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