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Monday, April 03, 2006

Special: A Celebrity in Buenos Aires

The specials are coming fast and furious!

On a rainy day in Buenos Aires, TDH was just finishing a little shopping and heading home when what should come pulling up the road but a brand new Mercedes van, painted black with "Joga Bonito" in gold on the side. TDH tried to get a glimpse of who was inside as the van looked for a parking space. Finally, it double-parked and let a few people off next to a fancy local boutique.

TDH crossed to the other side of the street. No one was still in the van, but there, inside the boutique, a tall man with scraggly brown hair was standing with his back to the glass door. TDH entered. The sales assistants were speaking to the man in French. And yes, it was he: Cantona.

At first, TDH didn't know what to do; does one approach the Messiah of Old Trashford in English, French or Spanish? English seemed a safe bet, given the man's long stint in Madchester. But TDH had just used the last scrap of paper in TDH's wallet for something else. It was time to sacrifice a two peso note (worth about $0.65 at today's exchange rate). Being a good reporter, TDH had a pen, as always.

Mr. Angry's finest No. 7 seemed quite surprised to be accosted in front of an display case of custom Nike's, and it was with a look of joy and astonishment that he greeted TDH's request. (TDH is not exaggerating - it was as though TDH had just presented him with a birthday cake.) He signed the banknote without hesitation.

TDH left after letting drop a polite compliment about the former beach soccer star's current television commercials. After all, anything that castigates divers and feigners is worthwhile in TDH's book, even if it's paid for by Nike. But TDH did not try to shake the hand seen here in the Theatre des Reves. Let's not forget for whom the Frenchman played, eh?

A few hours later, TDH was contemplating the image on the banknote, that of Bartolome Mitre, patriarch of the family that still owns La Nacion. Just look at Mitre and Cantona. Coincidence, or fate?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely a case of "separated at birth!!!" Brilliant!!!!

1:12 AM  
Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...


9:41 PM  
Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

well, I've calmed down a little now.

we hardly deserved it, but what a game. Lyon looked good for a win right up till the last five minutes. then they switched off for a few seconds and Milan scored. You can talk about luck, and there was some (Fred hitting the post, Wiltord being a donkey after Dida's mistake), but there's a reason why in the last few seasons we've scored a fair few last gast winners in Europe. In 2003, when we won, Inzaghi again poached a goal from 1 yard to send us through at home (that time sealing a 3-2 win v. Ajax). Then last season, I'm sure you remember my wild celebrations in the pub when Ambrosini scored against PSV.

We must surely have the most effective European strike force around. Shevchenko yesterday became the top scorer in Champions league history, and Inzaghi's double took him up to 3rd, behind Raul, just 3 goals ahead of him.

12:02 PM  

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