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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"For some it's the ultimate job, for the others it's the last job."

Huge TDH today! First, the Toon. Great to have Roeder in place, showing that for all Freddie's faults, he still handles a managerial succession about 1,384,892 times better than Soho Square. And just read the chairman's comments on the League Managers Association. TDH was chuckling with glee.

The Magpie Messiah made all the right noises at the press conference, even if he lacked a nice Geordie accent. He was also careful to point out that he only had the benefits of Mickey O's services for about 30 minutes during his tenure as caretaker. England look set to have rather more, with the uneventful return to training today of Sven's "clean killer." And finally, Uncle Alan as the Toon's "sporting ambassador?" Tell TDH something TDH doesn't know.


'Twas a fascinating night in Spanish football. Men in White lost to Sevilla, 4-3, and TDH is starting to think that four-three's really do grow on trees. But more seriously, there were several possible harbingers of World Cup fate:
  • Becks: his crosses and lobs were impeccable, and he took his second goal with merciless efficiency
  • Zizou: still has some of that magic, and the ability to smack a ball from close range
  • Iker: left looking silly by a couple of thunderbolts, fumbled a save badly leading to another goal
  • Saviola: may finally be turning TDH into a believer with two well-taken goals, one at a positively Horsefaceian angle
And the Germany-bound defenders - Salgado, Sergio Ramos, Sissinho and Rob Charlie - looked like so many Jim Henson creations.

In the day's other big match, Osasuna pipped Valencia, meaning that 1) the Merengues go straight into the Champions League despite losing, 2) Valencia goes into Champions League qualifying instead of the group stages, 3) Osasuna goes into Champions League qualifying instead of the UEFA Cup, and 4) Sevilla has a free trip back to the UEFA Cup, which they already had, anyway.

Whoever scheduled these matches on the same night is obviously an evil genius! So, was it you, Luciano? Just whisper it in TDH's ear....

In addition, David Villa showed that yes, he also strikes a mean free kick. But it wasn't enough. Noble and talented Samueleeto will be the Pichichi, assuming L'il Ron doesn't score nine at Atleti on Friday. Which, let's face it, could happen.

That happy development was somewhat offset by the news that Frankie Hejduk has been ruled out of the World Cup by injury. No Jay-Z for Argentina, no Frankie for the US? There will only be justice if Materazzi gets abducted by aliens. Ah, but wait, then they'll think we're just a race of tall muggers with sweaty headbands....


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