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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

WC2006: Day 11

Well, the Togolese skivers put on a gallant show this morning - after all, they still had as good a chance as anyone of qualifying. And TDH would say that, had Adebayor gotten the penalty shot he probably deserved, they game might have changed. As it happened, though, the frustration mounted. When Yakin (he's still got it!) came on for the Swiss, the attack was just too much. Togo hardly embarrassed themselves, though - hopefully they'll deign to play in the last match, too....

Next came the Awakening of the Giants, i.e. the Ukrainians, against inferior Saudi opposition. Let's face it - we knew the Ukes had goals in them, and Sheva looks to be getting his fitness back just in time. No bonus for the Saudis today, though good old Sami almost grabbed a consolation goal.

TDH was smiling as Tunisia went ahead of Spain. "They're going to get found out! That scoreline against the Ukes flattered them, and now everyone will know!" is what TDH was thinking. But no, El Nino Torres was too much. His price is surely now too high for the Toon, which is a shame. The kid's got talent, and behind him for much of the game was probably the most stylish set of midfielders anywhere north of Argentina: Cesc, Luis, Xabi and Xavi. That's right, CLXX. And boy do they ever click - it's a beauty to behold, when it works. Which it did.

(Errr, someday they might also have 170 caps between them... geddit?)


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