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Thursday, June 15, 2006

WC2006: Day 6

Lucky, lucky Spain. What looked like a romp could have been much closer, had Villa's free kick not deflected, had that unfair penalty not been called, had Voronin and Rebrov not missed some decent chances. Still, the Sheva Show must fancy itself to notch wins against Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, which should be enough to advance.

Neither the Tunisians nor the Saudis looked particularly threatening - technically sound, for the most part, but not threatening. The cockles of TDH's heart were warmed, however, by seeing Sami al-Jaber scoring just minutes after entering the pitch. He's the Roger Milla of 2006! Except he's only 31. But still, he seems like a hoary old veteran, doesn't he?

The games with Saudi Arabia and Iran always get TDH thinking politics. If the Saudis lost, would locals overthrow the monarchy and pave the way for a fundamentalist government? If Iran wins, will its belligerent president solidify his power base? It's enough to stop you thinking about the actual football. What is sure is this: if Brazil take home cup number six, Lula will win re-election. Most definitely.

Finally, TDH won't call Germany lucky. They should have put the match against Poland away much sooner, especially when Klose and Ballack both hit the crossbar within seconds of each other. Neuville's winner was deserved if late. The Poles showed only a bit more enterprise than they did against Ecuador, and TDH isn't sorry to see them go. Any dissenters?


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

have you seen Thierry Henry's ludicrous comments about Ribery? He basically blames him for not setting him up on a plate to score one the chances that TH fluffed.

Henry has obviously let the love of the english press go to his head, judging by this and his rant after the barca game. He's completely forgotten that as a supposedly world class player he's meant to make things happen for his teams. I think it can now safely be said that he's a flat track bully, unable to make an impression in the really big games.

7:12 AM  

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