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Monday, April 16, 2007

Dregs of the weekend

Dregs is the right word, since this weekend in NYC was soaked through. That didn't stop the New York Red Bulls, under a somewhat reinvigorated Bruce Arena, from tearing through FC Dallas and putting three past Shaka Hislop - WAIT A SECOND, SHAKA HISLOP? That's right, loyal readers, Becks and Captain America aren't the only familiar names heading stateside. And to be honest, that worries TDH. Will MLS turn into another starf*cking NASL, or will in continue to prepare good young players for Europe? Can it really do both?


Kiki Ron does not deserve the English league awards. He hasn't won anything yet! Drogba carried Chelski to the title, and Manure may yet lose it this year. Plus, Kiki Ron is a cheating little prick. No one dives more or more easily - he makes Andrew Johnson look like the Archbishop of Canterbury without the beard.


TDH is starting to cast the film of Germany 2006. First up is the hero/villain of the final, and his double:


Anonymous Ronsy said...

Jejeje: Marquito and Turturro! (Pero si estas igual!)

And, by the way, the MLS is just about circus. That's why there is a wild bunch of ex-players (Salas, Barros Schelotto, Beckham, etc)

2:36 AM  
Anonymous jonathan said...

You were in NYC the weekend of the Sunday rainstorm TDH? Me too! Maybe we passed on a '7' subway platform and never realised... now we have visited each other's cities-and both visits had a sporting element. I took in a Mets game in the company of my aficionado brother-in-law, my sister and their new baby- and think I may be a little hooked on your national game all of a sudden... I can absolutely see the similarities between the Mets and NUFC and have been given an elementary tutorial in some basic points of etiquette such as the importance of the curly 'y' in nyc baseball caps denoting allegiance to the Queens-based cause....

My latest post deals in more detail with our NYC adventure (suffice to say I can't wait to go back to your fantastic city...) but I seem somehow to have neglected to mention the Mets game in there and gone off at a wild tangent about a trilby hat instead....

12:39 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Ah, glad you felt the Queens-Toon resonance as well, Jonathan. I was at a recent game as well, but after that rainy weekend - we probably missed each other. Baseball is my only sporting succor these days....

10:55 PM  

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