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Monday, August 13, 2007

Alone at the top!

Yep, the air's a little thinner up here, atop the Prem after a complete matchday. TDH held the proverbial until Sunday's matches were over, and it was worth the wait. The starters were a bit surprising (Zog in defense?), but the team clicked. TDH particularly likes Butt and Smith in midfield until Joey gets back from jail. Job well done to Big Ham - histrionics and all - and to some other unlikely candidates....

First off, of course, was Sven. Shore, he noo owl de tam det hee het harred sum goot plares. Elano is definitely a talent. But it was remarkable to see them playing such elegant football with so little preparation. Perhaps Sven should simply take teams over on rush jobs, say six matches at a stretch.

And then, TDH must give special mention to Marcus Hahnemann, Reading's American keeper, who stifled every dollop that Manure could throw at him. It ain't easy, getting a point at the Theatre of Screams.

Fulham's American contingent weren't as lucky, with McBride and Bocanegra both managing to miss a goal that could have yielded a point. TDH has grave doubts about Lawrie's losers... they'll have to wait to see if three teams are really worse. Can it be? Brickface Bruce seems to say no.


Anonymous Palms said...

We were excellent. It's the first disciplined performance I've seen from a Newcastle side for a long time. The front three clicked and the midfield were on the same wavelength as the back four. My optimism for the season has grown. It would be ridiculous to get carried away, but it's also worth bearing in mind that it wasn't our full strenght side, and there's a couple of new signings to come in. Rozenhal looked good. Milner was man of the match.

3:48 PM  

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