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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Transfer market update

Okay, here are the Toon signings so far under Big Ham, with TDH's ratings:

Mark Viduka (7) - proven goal scorer, hopefully a bit of Big Ham discipline will keep him at his best even as he ages

Joey Barton (6) - a midfield boss man that we needed after selling Scottie P, but attitude problems worry TDH

David Rozenhal (8) - apparently quite a good defender, should make a good partner for Taylor

Geremi (7) - solid, versatile player who will keep us from playing Nobby at the back

Alan Smith (4) - TDH must ask why, with plenty of strikers and midfielders already at our disposal, and the headcase aspect is cause for concern

Cacapa (8) - an intriguing capture of a Lyon regular that gives us yet another much-needed option at the back

Jose Enrique (7) - a young, strong defender, just what we need except that he's only proven himself in Spain

So far, Big Ham seems to have more brains than all of our last few managers. With four potential defensive stalwarts among the signings, TDH couldn't be more pleased. Big Ham hasn't even spent half of his purported 50 million pound kitty. And the window hasn't closed yet.

We might actually compete this year. Might.


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

hola TDH.

I saw Cacapa play about two years ago with Lyon, he looked strong, solid and a leader. Not sure about his pace, and he couldn't handle Inzaghi's movement, but then few defenders have the requisite powers of concentration. On a general level I am always weary of Brazilian centre-backs. Never seen a really good one. Even Lucio is a moderate defender at best.

Smiffy won't score much, but he'll bleed for the cause, which is good. Plus, he's only a headcase on the pitch. Of it he's apparently a very friendly teetotal.

Also think Geremi is an EXCELLENT signing. He can play in three positions to a high standard, and if the team defend as a unit, he's all you need at right back. If he's got his back to the wall, though, he'll be in trouble.

Marko will score, on and off. Let's see if Allardyce can motivate him to consistency.

Barton is a s**t, and I'm hoping he gets done for assault on Dabo. He's just such a despicable character. A year in prison with his brother might sort him out.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Palms said...

Inzaghi's movement? That would be from vertical to hoizontal...

One thing sam has brought us is strength in depth (defence aside). There will be a place for Smith if we assume Owen and Viduka won't aren't going to stay fit, and Martins is itching for a move. His bullet header against sampdoria bodes well. I'm actually happy about his signing.

Barton is a great player. A total schmuck of course, but I'm confident Sam'll keep him in line (when he gets out of jail).

Very pleased about Viduka. I always pegged him as the best Australian player. His skill at holding the ball up will be invaluable. Just needs to stay interested.

I wonder why some websites are predicting us to finish as low as 10th. It'll take time for Sam to find out his best team, but it does lok like the best squad we've had for a long time. I'm sure I say that every year though.

2:54 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Ha, yes, Inzaghi is remarkably quick from vertical to horizontal to vertical again, whereupon he flaps those big lips while making the imploring praying mantis gesture with both hands. Despicable at times, to be sure, but he'll always be part of my memories of football in the past decade.

Brazilian defenders: I rate Alex, the Chelsea-cum-PSV centerback, quite highly - perhaps higher than Lucio. We'll see how he does this year. And I have to say, Maicon bossed the game against Argentina in the Copa America final. He's one to watch as well.

Betfair has the Toon as sixth-favorites to win the Premier League, so I think 10th is rather on the pessimistic side. But then, who'd put it past us?

Going back to Brazil, I see they've recalled Kaka and Ronaldinho. I don't know why Dunga is messing around, since his no-ego team did win the only trophy up for grabs this year. But they did just squeak through into the final. Sort of like Italy, eh?

3:28 AM  

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