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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Glenn, we hardly knew ye

First, TDH would like to wish a well-meaning man well. And TDH would only have let Roeder go if TDH already knew that there was a superior option available. Given our recent exploits in the managerial market, that is hardly probable. So let TDH ask - who is waiting in the wings?

Big Ham's name has come up many times, of course. But his style of football hardly fits what the Toon faithful expect, nor does it suit our quick, young, and generally small players. Perhaps Big Ham has more than one arrow in his strategic quiver, but TDH will believe it when we see it.

Well, at the very least, we can hope for the usual 9-0-0 run that follows a new manager's accession. But after that? We seem destined to labor in 13th or 14th place for at least part of every season. The question is, how long next year?



Anonymous Palms said...

It's quite nice to be able to comment on newcastle again, after our season died on it's arse a while back.

i reserved judgement on Glen because I thought he was making the best of a bad situation (injuries etc.). But when those players came back performances got worse and some of Glen's selections and tactics became a, strange, possibly because he was trying to incorporate those players into the side. Anyway, I believe Owen aside, we had a full strength side against Alkmaar away. The players obviously lost faith in him, and when that happens our gutless wonders simply stop trying. I certainly don't bear roeder the same ill will I bore against souness, Gullit or Dalglish, but I'm relieved to see him go. We certainly weren't moving in the right direction.

My feelings towards allardyce change hourly. He's the bet we're gonna get really. pointed out that Bolton's form since new year has been as abysmal as newcastle's. Then again I have a pretty good feeling that he's the man to finally, finally, finally sort out that back four. i really don't give a shit if we revert to bolton's bully boy direct style of football (which I think was slightly exaggerated anyway. Just slightly - they could be extremely odious at times). I want us to break back into that top 4 (I don't think i can stand another soul crushing UEFA cup campaign), entertaining football be damned. Mind you, like you say our players are far too dainty to play that way.

So to sum up: Yes to Big Ham. maybe.

I'm suddenly very hungry.

9:03 AM  
Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

OK, TDH, i tried to post this on your last blog, but problems with the popup persisted, so apologies for going off-topic.

How in the f**k can you want Liverpool to beat Milan? Do you hate football? the only legitimate argument is the Palms-style matchfixing one. Unless you have the misfortune of being Scouse, there is absolutely no excuse for admiring the 'Pool. They have some bloody talented players, not least Xabi, Javi and Stevie, but they play the most mind-numbing football in the Premiership. They are set up to score one goal every 180 minutes in Europe. that's their plan. People moan about Chelsea, but Liverpool are far guiltier of negative tactics.

This isn't just me as a Milan fan - I'd support any team, even Arsenal, against Liverpool. Milan might not be paragons of virtue, but on the pitch it's Michaelangelo against an angry man with a hammer.

3:51 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Yay, angry men with hammers!

I do have to say that Milan are playing more positively now, thanks for the most part to Kaka. But they're still a cold team. Liverpool play with blood to the end - we saw that two years ago. Same again, please. (And by the way, Milan are too old to last another 120 minutes....)

4:27 AM  
Anonymous Palms said...

Meh, I hope both teams lose.

There's no way Liverpool are winning this one though.

10:40 PM  

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