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Monday, July 09, 2007


Well, TDH used to think there were certain types of players who simply would never arrive on Tyneside. Not just the sexy football types, but the mercurial pretty boys who seemed to find their perfect home in, ahem, Spain. And now it seems as though one of them is coming our way, hopefully not for too much cash.

Who would protect Deco against the ravages of Blackburn, Bolton and company? Joey Barton? Stranger things could happen. But TDH worries more that Deco is a luxury player, not so much a playmaker as a play-adder, a frilly version of Paul Scholes. Tell TDH otherwise, please.

It wouldn't be so bad to have Viduka, Owen, Duff, Deco, Barton, Dyer, Babayaro, Rozenhal, Taylor, Ramage, Given starting a match. But the obvious lack of quality is still at the back. Why are we buying yet another midfielder (to add to Emre, Solano, etc) when we clearly need another defender?


Anonymous Ben said...

Yes it's ok buying all these fancy attacking players, but how on earth will you replace Titus Bramble at the back?

You could always sign one of the chuckle brothers.

8:20 PM  

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