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Sunday, September 23, 2007

(Hopefully) normal service resumed

TDH was so down and out after that horrendous loss to Derby, which TDH witnessed in its entirety, that it was difficult to clock back in here. (Yes, even despite the appearance of American international Benny Feilhaber as an effective Derby sub.) The week's Champions League fixtures did little to pep TDH up, being some of the most insipid matches TDH had seen for a long time.

Only The Goon Show's tireless industry against Sevilla merited much mention. Who says you can't win anything with kids? Arsene's toddlers may end this season with a trophy or two, if the rest of the league's - and the continent's - clubs can't sort it out. No, TDH doesn't think the Goons can upset the resurgent Merengues or even, probably, a bolshy Milan. But what with the turbulence in the league, they're in with more than a chance... no matter what Wes Brown says.

That's right, Manure still don't have a reliable striker besides Kiki Ron, and then there's the Billionaire Boys Club. Whoa! TDH didn't expect The Special One to get the axe so soon, and certainly not because he wasn't playing Sheva enough. (Against Rosenborg, Sheva only continued his streak of scoring on mediocre teams....) And if Roman thinks that replacing Jose with a relatively unknown Israeli is going to save the Blues, he'd better think again. What will they do when Drogba and Essien go on African Nations Cup duty? TDH shudders to think. Finally, Liverpool haven't really hit their stride yet, and Spurs are lost in the wilderness.

So basically it's down to Arsenal and us for the title. Ha, TDH got you there, eh? Well, the win at Whammers was very reassuring, but we still don't have the playmaker on the pitch. Bloody Alan Smith! Has he done anything this season? Why does Sam love him so much? Because he's the nearest thing to Joey Barton, even if he lacks the fundamental ability to launch the telling ball? Please, Joey - please, Emre - come back, come back!


Meanwhile, it's USA v Brazil in another less-than-marquee World Cup. Let's hope the result is the same as it was in the U-20 version. We're looking dangerous, but they spanked us in the Pan-American Games. (Football fans around the world are saying, "The whaaat?" Yes, TDH is aware.)


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

hello, tdh. back after a long holiday induced silence, during which I watched only one match - Man U and Chelski - terrible game. I also saw Dida get manhandled by that Celtic supporter, clearly, the man is lucky to still be alive.

I was also surprised to see the special one fall. I guess we'll now see how much impact he really did have. My prediction? Chelsea third, after Man U and Arsenal, and fail to win the CL. I've a horrid feeling Real will take the champions league this year. though, Milan have an outside chance.

10:36 AM  

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