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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Big Ham, we hardly knew ye

Well, TDH isn't celebrating quite as much as when Souey got the axe, but the sudden departure of Big Ham does offer some cause for optimism. Why?

1. TDH never shared Big Ham's vision (see comment below re: Boltonizing of our squad). Insofar as Alan Smith was part of that vision, TDH shared it even less. Whoever's next, take away that captain's armband.

2. We always seem to get a new manager boost. Why? Are we fundamentally undisciplined, and we need to get used to a gaffer in order to disobey? Do the players only strive to impress the man during the first couple of months, until starters and scrubs are set?

3. We now have some chance of landing a better manager for the long term, though TDH can't see anyone respectable touching the job with the proverbial stick of roughly three meters. TDH dreams of scenarios like this one: we install a caretaker and scoop up Hiddink, who's always up for a high-paid challenge, after the Euros. What do you think?

4. It seems Ashley and company are serious about results. Never a bad sign, and a good incentive for the next manager.


Anonymous Palms said...

Like you AG, I have mixed feelings over this. Initially, i thought it was a ludicrous decision. On some levels, I still think it is. Sacking a manager before a run of games involving away days at Arsenal and man yoo? hmm. And as it turns out, sam has been sacked with no one lined up to replace him, resulting in the door to door enquiries that left us stuck with Souness after Bobby's departure. the transfer window will be wasted. Newcastle are the footballing groundhog day.

But then I woke up to day feeling a little bit better now that Sam has gone. The football under him was absolutely abysmal. Absolutely the pits. The games we have won this season have generally been through luck. It was patently obvious to anyone with eyes that the players were unhappy with what they were being asked to do. The squad has the makings of a bloody good team and it was just so depressing to see the incoherence on the pitch.

I managed to get tickets for the Derby match over christmas. As far as I can remember, it's the first time since Ardiles was in charge that tickets have been so readily available at St. james'. They were even advertising them on TV. That should tell you a lot.

I'm really, really hoping it's not Shearer who takes over. Mark Hughes please.

3:40 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Yes, Palms, Tony Adams has ably shown how sh*t a great on-field leader can be as a first-year coach. So I agree, let Uncle Alan do a bit of scutwork in the lower divisions before he gets the big job. I frankly couldn't believe when his name was mentioned for England. He could be a coaching prodigy, but how could anyone know now?

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know we lost six-nil yesterday (six-nil!) but despite having to endure the trouncing in a south Manchester pub full of raving reds I actually felt encouraged by aspects of our first post-Big-Ham display. There were actually spells where we got the ball on the ground and attempted a spot of what Bobby Robson has endearingly started calling 'carpet football'.

That said, I'm not looking forward to facing an office-full of Reds at work tomorrow morning. It seems a long time since I could stride in beaming from face to face after the famous St James five-nil....

6:27 PM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

I was happily barbecuing some quality meat at the beach in Uruguay when I received a text message from a Spanish friend in Buenos Aires informing me of the tragic result at the Theatre of Screams. Way to ruin my afternoon.

Well, actually, it didn't change my Toon-related mood much. I am somewhat dismayed, however, at the candidates apparently on our list. Harry's got the magic for the southern squads, but we need someone a bit more transcendent to pull us out of our funk. And that definitely rules out Souey, too, who should be hounded away by a crowd carrying pitchforks if he ever deigns to cross Gateshead again. Can't we hire someone a bit sexier, or with a bit more hunger? I'd almost be up for Chris Coleman, but my real choice (strips off shirt to reveal Independiente jersey) is MENOTTI!!!

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Palms said...

I don't know how man yoo players can sleep at night. That was just bloody cruel. At half time I was apopleptic at the officiating. The signs all pointed to man yoo having the ref as their twelfth man as per usual at old Trafford. Obviously by full time there were no excuses to be made. A fair and square pasting.

The news at the moment is that Hughes has refused to rule himself out. I guess he's the favourite. His appointment would make me pretty happy, and he's probably more than we deserve.

2:57 AM  

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