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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back in the saddle

"It's been a long time/
I shouldn't have left you/
without a strong rhyme/
to step to...."

No, TDH couldn't say it better than Rakim. So, let's play catch-up a little bit better than the Magpies did at St. James's yesterday.

The big one, of course, is England. TDH's only regret is not laying England to qualify - the classic economist's emotional hedge - and the idea did occur to TDH a couple of days before the match.

Sure, the squad was filled with scrubs. But they were the wrong scrubs. If you want to grind out a draw, you don't go with rookies. You go with tough old dogs who're damn well not going to lose qualification for England when it might be their last or only cap. Or at least you get some stronger midfielders in there. Anyway, TDH was none too pleased to see Rio running around like a reebok at the Reebok. Served him and Manure right to lose to an underachieving team (glimpsed by TDH in Hong Kong, for a change). You too, Sir - I believe the king of Spain has some words for you.

Then, Newcastle. Well, for TDH the big question is not when Viduka and Owen are coming back. It's still the midfield. TDH wants Zog and Milner on the wings, a creative type in the slot and an enforcer behind. Is that so wrong? If Emre's not getting the creative job done, well, Big Ham, you've got your transfer homework.

Finally, Independiente. The late-season slump is a shame if unsurprising. We were always punching above our weight on the backs of the Montenegro-Sosa-Denis triad. And Denis probably won't score this many goals again in his life. It was fun while it lasted - maybe we can do it again sometime in our own stadium, if it's ever finished.


Anonymous kipzy said...

1 point of 6 against derby county (the last, the worst), and now 0-1 against wigan.. I wouldn't be surprised if next season Newcastle plays in first division...

PD: (sorry if i did not speak english so well, i'm from argentina, thanks)

5:50 AM  

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