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Sunday, January 15, 2006

"For a player to ask for a transfer has opened everybody's eyebrows."

Today TDH asks, will Orlando Soueyoso hear the cries of Dona Anelka, suffering in the iniquity of the Turkish league?

Okay, literary references from the Middle Ages aside, the gaffer has a choice that nobody likes to make: bring in the striker we desperately need, or say no to a potential cancer for a club that's just gone into remission. Anelka's at Fenerbahce because better clubs think he's more trouble than he's worth. Now he may be that to Fener, too. And yet, he may be the perfect sort of striker for us until Owen comes back. TDH says give him six months.

Who knows, he may be happier than Owen. The revelations from Svengate III (or is it IV? TDH has lost count) suggest that our golden boy is less than pleased with the club's fortunes. Well, that's no shocker - is anyone on Tyneside pleased right now? As for the house and car we gave him, well, too bad we didn't think of that for Miguel or Julio Baptista.

TDH tuned in to watch Dunderland v Chelsea, hoping to see Mourinho's men hand the Mackems their asses in their own stadium. It wasn't as lopsided as all that, but the Billion Dollar Blues pulled it out in the end. Replays showed Chelsea's first goal over and over again, as there was some question whether Lampard headed the ball back into the box from across the end line. Clearly the ball was in, but TDH believes Fat Frank may have been offside when he received it. Also, Carvalho probably deserved to give up a late penalty for his usual boa constrictor imitation.

Poor Bilbao. Days after getting stuffed by Real, they had to make the trip to the Camp Nou. As in the Chelsea match it was a fairly ugly win for the leaders, but a win nonetheless. And there was yet another one of those pinpoint, behind-the-back, donkey-style passes by L'il Ron the Cowboy. Ah, come on, Ron, it's getting boring!

Finally, the Merengues took advantage of some horrific officiating to beat Sevilla at the Bernabeu. Baptista's penalty was debatable at best. But even more surprising was the fact that after the BFG went down, Robinho stood there begging for the spot-kick when he could have slotted the ball home himself. Also, a phantom foul was called on Kanoute when, for once, he threatened inside the 18-yard box. Sergio Ramos could easily have given up a penalty late on. For referees, they ought to call it the Bernabeu Triangle. No wonder Florrie always has a smile on his face... except when he's doing this.



Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

the dirty eleven! I'm HUGELY looking forward to that.

Re Nico - I think the guy is misunderstood - remember, when he was at liverpool, he was a model professional. but then again, he thought City were underachieving and he needed to move. What on earth would he think of the Toon? If you think about the midfield forward, there's enough talent to be pushing for fourth or fifth.

6:10 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

He was at Liverpool for five months! Are you thinking of Arsenal? I'm not sure Souey speaks French, like half of The Goon Show....

1:19 PM  

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