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Saturday, January 07, 2006

"If you were to name the top three goalkeepers in England, he’d be pleased with that."

TDH can barely believe that it´s taken this long, but... someone has finally snatched Antti Niemi from the indignities of the Championship. (Thought TDH was going to start right in on Shearer tying Jackie Milburn's 200-goal haul, didn't you?) Niemi certainly didn't deserve relegation, even if the rest of Harry's crew did. And now the Finn moves to Fulham. With McBride and John scoring regularly, the Cottagers may just move up the table a notch or two.

Back to the main news - obviously it's great that Shearer has taken his place alongside Wor Jackie, but again he's probably spared Souey from the axe, after the unconvincing win at Mansfield.

The bizarre happenings in the Magpie midfield aren't helping the Toon troops sleep any more easily, TDH can tell you. And if a Premiership team can't score twice at home against a side that's sitting 77 places lower in the pyramid, something is most definitely wrong. (At least Luque is making himself useful, TDH could be heard to grunt through clenched teeth....)

Luton gave Rafa's Riff-Raff a scare, going up 3-1 after Cisse missed a penalty, but it wasn't long before the Benitez Key Substitution (TM) made Town pay. It's not that Rafa is putting on great players - today it was Florence Cinema Pangolin - he actually just seems to be able to solve the equation correctly every time... just like the sort of mild-mannered accountant he so very much resembles. Maybe the Premiership's next great coach will come from Ernst & Young!


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

Roy who?!

Reuters are reporting that yoonited have tabled a big for Shrek Graveson (to go with the resident Shrek, mr. wayne). Surely His Purpleness doesn't think that Graveson can replace keane? perhaps its only a short term measure...

Milan have gotten rid of our deadweight by dumping vieri like toxic waste in the Hong Kong harbour, which can only be a good thing. Now we just need to buy a young, mobile central defender and watch out, world...

2:09 PM  

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