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Saturday, April 29, 2006

"If someone talks about my private life I'll give them a good punching. I'm not interested in suing. I like to sort things out my way."

Never second-guess Big Phil, or follow him to an
airport check-in, for that matter!

TDH didn't go as far as to say that he was already the
England coach, and neither did Soccernet. But the BBC
did, and now they've got to take it all back - without
saying they are, of course. In fact, their original
story could still be proven right if this is just an
elaborate shadow play to protect Felipao's dealings
with Portugal.

Yet who knows. The situation has gotten sufficiently
screwed up that Brucey is saying Stevie Mac really
should have been the man all along.

TDH would certainly prefer Steve-o's relative
innocuousness to the dour gloom of Big Sam and maybe
even to the supposed nous of Martin O'Neill. Given
the quality of England's players, they don't need a
genius - just a motivator who knows basic tactics.
Stevearino qualifies. Plus, he's the only one with a
proven ability to stand up to Wine Hrooney (who, in
the Daddy Mac Era, would be known as Wheyne Runny).
If Psycho's not on the cards, then maybe Mac Daddy is
the best one left. Your thoughts, loyal readers?


Finally, how about Philly Pow bragging that he'd
turned down jobs at Barca and Real while coaching
Portugal! Scholastic took the Portugal job back in
November 2002. Van Gaal was fired in January 2003,
and Antic took over until the end of the season.
Rijkaard was hired in June 2003 after Barca, clearly
suffering from an addiction to Dutch courage, failed
to nab Hiddink.

So when did the prolix Brazilian get the Barca offer?
TDH has to assume it was in spring 2003, otherwise the
only conclusion would be that Rijkaard has been
skating on thin ice - which sounds ludicrous. But
saying you were offered "Barca in the spring of 2003"
doesn't sound quite as grandiose as when you just say
"Barca" today, does it? Ha!


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