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Monday, April 17, 2006

"Up the Premier League we go / When we get to Europe / This is what we'll sing / We are Geordies, super Geordies / Roeder is our King"

For TDH, today was a time of rubbing hands together with fiendish glee. Roeder slaps the lads into shape at halftime and conjures up a famous victory in the Stadium of Shite! Luque and Chops score their first goals against the Mackems! The Whammers fall to The Team That Doesn't Care About the League! Bolton only manage a draw against puny West Bomb! And lo, NEWCASTLE ARE TWO POINTS CLEAR IN A UEFA CUP SPOT!

Sure, Bolton and Wigan still have a game in hand, but the Magpies' schedule should yield a few more precious points. The only damper, of course, was the injury to Uncle Alan, who may see his career ended three matches prematurely. That would indeed be tragic - particularly if the team were to miss out on Europe as a result - but finishing up on the scoresheet against Scumderland would be a decent runner-up. The skipper said as much in a post-match interview where he pointedly denied any desire to coach alongside Roeder, if he's hired, next season.

Still, let's go back to the main news here: HOW DID THIS MIRACLE HAPPEN? Even if the team don't make it into Europe, Roeder's achievement will be substantial and undeniable. He didn't win the big ones, but he won the winnable ones - ALL of them, so far. Let's hope Freddie has the sense to keep him at the club in some capacity.


In other news, TDH was a little miffed to have found out too late about the Gulf Air football tournament in Manama, Bahrain. Yes, that's right, this fine airline organizes a tournament for expatriate amateurs, and TDH figured that there was just a chance of parlaying a Gulf Air frequent flyer card into a spot on the Gulf Air Club team. Or, more likely, TDH might have founded a US team to play against the expats from Jordan, Oman, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and Iran. (Yeah, we would have been a popular bunch.)

Seriously, though, why don't more companies get into this business? Strangely enough, most of the Americans TDH has met in Buenos Aires say they play football. (Well, maybe they'd get deported if they didn't.) There are almost certainly enough for a quality squad, were Aerolineas Argentinas ever to get their act together....


Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

apologies for the long silence - been away. interesting weekend of results. While the Premiership title race now seems closed for good, there's a glimmer of competition opening up in Serie A. Perhaps the Milanese geriatricos can still do something.

OK, now need to address your post some way down the page, on the world 11.

A few posts ago you criticised Fried-eggs and now he's your GK? come on, better than Cech, Buffon, Given? No chance.

Next: Vieira. More than Essien?

Tevez I can't comment about but there are better players than Schweinsteiger in most top teams. If its an experienced, stone-cole killer you're after, you could do worse than Deco. Kudos on Pirlo's inclusion, though (you knew that was coming).

Finally, I fully appreciate your choice of strikers. But any team that can't fit Sheva in it isn't trying hard enough. I'd have him and VN as a near-unstopabble combo.

8:03 AM  
Blogger The American Geordie said...

Well, I had to choose at least one American, didn't I? And Friedel's 2002 World Cup was pretty amazing. Plus, I didn't want any fascists on my team, messing up the chemistry with level-headed folks like TH. If Given were 3 inches taller he'd be the best keeper in the world, for sure. Problem is, he's not.

On the Vieira v Essien question, notwithstanding yesterday's incredible strike from the Ghanaian, this is all about winning one match. Vieira's got the grit and experience. This year, he's still the man.

Deco's still a bit too flimsy for my taste. I want players who will steamroll Deco. Finally, Sheva occasionally has a couple of weeks where he regularly misses sitters. TH does not.

Stone-Cole killer, hahaha....

2:26 PM  
Blogger the Maradona of Malawi said...

that was a typo!

or maybe a freudian slip?

once, at uni, I sent an e-mail to a girl I liked apologising for not coming round to a party she'd had. I wanted to say 'I'm just lazy', but unfortunately Freud decided to prove himself at that moment, and I actually sent her a message saying 'sorry I didn't come round to see you; I'm just lonely'.


6:24 PM  

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