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Sunday, April 16, 2006

"Football's not just about scoring goals - it's about winning."

Well said, skipper! It was a weekend in which many screws turned. First of all, more congratulations to Roeder and the lads for pulling out a great victory over Wigan. TDH doesn't know how Roeder is managing to extract decent performances from Amoeba and even Chops, but somehow it's happening. Maybe it just shows what a crummy coach Souey was. A UEFA spot is definitely a possibility, given the remaining schedule.

Let's not get our hopes up too high. But TDH was rooting for Liverpool against Blackburn, despite Friedel's presence, only because Fight Club was more of a threat to the Toon's hopes. In the end, the Spaniard dubbed Harry Potter's dad by The Singing Commentator, Juan Manuel Pons, beat the Welshman dubbed George W. Bush by same.

In other news, Mr. Angry's title hopes are most probably over after that little embarrassment against the Mackems. TDH is sorry indeed that the Magpies just missed a chance to deal the final blow to the Wearside Weaklings, but it was almost worth it to see Sir's comeuppance. Yes, it will take time until TDH hates the Billionaire Boys Club as much as Manure. But hey, give 'em a few more titles and we'll see.

Finally: crush some of the better teams in Europe, then go down to defeat against Pompey. Does anyone think Boro are even trying in the League? And would you tell them to, if you were Stevie Mac? Saving every ounce of energy for the cups doesn't seem like such a bad idea, as long as the fans don't mind. And it certainly doesn't stretch the imagination to consider Steve and Harry cutting a little training room deal over a few bottles of Royal Salute....


Meanwhile, rumors have been flying about El Nino Torres, the Toon's possible summer target. Apparently Reyes is trying to convince the Arsenal brass to sign him, as a replacement for Henry. Well, no one can replace Henry. But Torres would be a better fit into Va-Va-Voom's spot than into Uncle Alan's. As TDH has said before, if Owen is to be part of the setup, the Toon need a big man to win those balls in the air.


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