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Monday, May 22, 2006

"It's great to get the first trophy under the bag."

And he doesn't even have to share it. Samueleeto put his name, and only his name, on the Pichichi with his usual aplomb, barely halfway through the first period in Bilbao. Sure, Barca's B team (or was it their C team?) lost the game, but the job was done.


El Tel for Boro? Come on, can't you guys come up with something more original? He's a safe pair of hands, translated as "walking recipe for mediocrity." Not that Boro have such high aspirations, but come on, why not try someone with at least a chance of a bit more excitement?


With Luke Young's injury, Sven has drafted Tottenham's Michael Dawson into the England setup. The only knock on him has been his temperament - a couple of red cards in the second half of the season. But his record isn't too different from Luke Young's; the Charlton captain had nine yellows to Dawson's six, with both playing in 32 Premiership matches. The final squad could get younger still....


Finally, shame about Leeds. Eddie Lewis won't be back in the Premier League just yet. Watford hasn't exactly shown much staying power in the top flight - but hey, they could hardly be worse than Scumderland.


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